Block Unwanted Calls and SMS on Windows Phone via Call + SMS Filter

One of life’s greatest annoyances are unwanted telemarketing calls that interrupt your sleep on Sunday morning or spoil evening dinner. Well, you are not alone. Records suggest the number of unsolicited telephone marketing calls and playing of automated or prerecorded messages to mobile users have been on rise. As such, stopping live marketing calls from telecom companies whose service you never subscribed or had subscribed at one point but are no longer interested in continuing can be a pain, especially when you fall short of necessary information in this regard.

Block Unwanted Calls or SMS on Windows Phone

Fortunately, Windows Phone users have a solution at hand. They can block unwanted incoming calls and SMS via a new setting called Call + SMS Filter. The invaluable setting blocks unwanted calls and SMS. It is easy to set up, straightforward to use and integrates seamlessly with your call history and messaging. The app is new to Windows Phone and is designed by Nokia, exclusively for Nokia Lumia phones.

Features of Call + SMS filter:

  1. Block incoming calls and SMS based on your own blocked numbers list.
  2. Add blocked numbers from Call History and Messaging
  3. Display the number of blocked calls and SMS from a Live Tile

To use this feature, access ‘Settings’ section of your Windows Phone.

Block number 1

Under ‘Settings’ menu, scroll down to locate Call+SMS Filter option.

Next, accept the terms and conditions to go further with the blocking process. Move to the next step. A new menu should appear on your phone screen where you can notice Block numbers option.

Blocked numbers 2


Tap the option, select numbers from the recent call history and long tap the desired number. Here, different options would be listed. Choose Block option from the list and you’re done! Your chosen number is blocked out.

Block number

You can download and install it manually from the Windows Phone Store. Are you a Windows Phone user? Let us know if it works for you.

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