Best LibreOffice extensions to boost your productivity

LibreOffice is a popular office suite used by millions of people. It is adopted by many corporations for its feature-rich tools known to enhance productivity. The Office suite is already loaded with dozens of feature, and mostly you may not use all of them regularly.

Although LibreOffice is packed with rich tools, its possible that some of the features you need may not be available by default in LibreOffice. However, you can tailor the functionality and customize the Ofice suite to your needs and preferences using a specific add-on to the existing program called extensions. Extensions optionally extend the capabilities of an Office suite to add a new feature to the program or make the existing platform much easier.

A brief note about LibreOffice – Libre Office suite is free unlike Microsoft Office suite and shares most of the features similar to Microsft Office. LibreOffice offers a simple interface and is a complete package of a word processor, database, spreadsheets and presentations programs. LibreOffice is an open source application program used mostly to create professional looking documents like brochures, marketing reports, newsletter, thesis, technical drawings and many more. LibreOffice gained popularity because of its compatibility with most of the documents formats like PowePoint, Excel, Microsoft Word, etc.

Best LibreOffice extensions

If you are currently using  LibreOffice for your project and looking out to customize your experience with LibreOffice, you can add an extension that doesn’t come by default to the main installation in LibreOffice. In this article, we outline some of the best LibreOffice extensions that help you customize your experience with LibreOffice.

1] MultiSave

Best LibreOffice extensions

MultiSave is an extension that allows you to work with multiple format documents. This extension enables you to save a document in any format you choose. You can simultaneously save the document in Open Document, PDF format, MS Office and other file formats.  This extension is useful when you want to create a file with multiple documents. For example, this document is handy if you want to create a document in one format like say Open Document format and would like to keep other formats as well for final submission in OpenOffice.Org or Microsoft or export the document in PDF. Download this extension here.

2] Alternative Find & Replace for Writer(AltSearch)


LibreOffice Writer’s Find and replace feature is loaded with many functionalities. If those functionalities are not enough for your task, you can add additional features to find and replace function that can perform more complex functions than just the basic ones. This Writer extension adds lots of features to the Find and replaces function. It allows you to do multiple search and replacements in a single step, search a text that contains more than one paragraph, set paragraphs delimited by text marks, search for footnote or endnotes and many more, In simple words the extension allows you to search almost everywhere  like text fields, notes, bookmarks, cross-references, etc. Get this extension here to perform difficult tasks related to find and replace function.

3] Pepito Cleaner

Pepito Cleaner is the most useful extension that enables you to quickly resolve the common formatting mistake in a document. The extension first analyzes the document and outlines the formatting mistakes in the results. It is extremely useful to check the formatting mistakes in old scans, PDF imports, and another digital text file. Upon installation, this add-on is accessible on the LibreOffice’s toolbar. Download this extension here.

4] Calendar for Calc

Calendar for Calc is a handy extension that helps to easily view the calendar and insert data in the selected cells. This extension uses Python calendar and DateTime functions. With the help of this addon, one can easily select a range in Calc and double click on a day on the floating window to add ae in ISO format. Download this extension here.

5] Show Notes

Show Notes is a useful extension for Calc that shows and hides notes in all the cell nodes at once. Instead of checking notes on all the cells one after the other, this addon either enables you to show all the notes for all cells or hide all the notes for all cells. Download this extension here.

6] Anaphraseus



Anaphraseus is a Computer Aided Translation tool used for bilingual Translation Memories. It is used for text segmentation, terminology recognition and to fuzzy search in the Translation memory. Additionally can also import and export files in TMX format. Download this extension here.

7] Libre Web

Libre Web is an internet addon tool for Libre Office that allows filling the cells in spreadsheets by sourcing data from different web page. It is user-friendly and supports the use of multiple websites for each document. Download this extension here.

8] Code Colorizer Formatter

Code Colorizer Formatted is for those who use LibreOffice for writing codes or editing them. This extension identifies every element in the code like keywords, operators, comments, and literals to highlight them. It supports programming languages like Basic, C++. Bash, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, R, SQL. Lisp, Object C, JavaScript, Ruby, 8085 Assembler, x86 Assembler, SQL and XML. It colorizes all the element types in the supported language and helps a user to easily edit the codes in LibreOffice. Download this extension here.

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