Best Home Automation Systems to control your home with your laptop

Life would be so much easier if everything could be controlled by the Internet – and you can totally do that. If you think home automation systems are only for the rich and famous, you are very mistaken. This kind of a technological system doesn’t just save your time but also lets you keep tabs on anything and everything going on in your home – from one device. From your alarms to your phones to your remotes, control everything in an easy no-fuss way. Here are the best voice-controlled Home Automation Systems for your home that will allow you to exercise control using your Windows laptop.

Best Home Automation Systems

The home automation devices aren’t stand-alone entities. You might need a laptop or some other system to program and control the same.

Wink Hub 2Best Home Automation Systems

One of the smartest and most reliable home management systems, Wink Hub is hassle-free and incredibly thoughtfully designed. It has provisions for Ethernet port connection and WiFi radio and also supports Bluetooth LE, Z-Wave, and Lutron Clear Connect. It is also the sleekest automation system there is and fits in well with almost any decor.

VeraLite Home Controller

Being one of the most user-friendly automation system in the market, VeraLite Home Controller not only does it lets you access your cameras, door locks, PCs, it can manage up to 70 devices together. Connect the Wifi compatible device to the network and . It has a video monitoring system, which gives you live feed of your home, every moment of the day.

Logitech Harmony Elite

You’ve probably seen this kind of all-access remote in Hollywood movies, but this remote can single-handedly take care of all your tech needs. This universal remote is compatible with over 270,000 media and tech devices and will control everything  – we mean, everything. From your TV to your console to your thermostats to air conditioners, you literally just need to buy a remote to access and adjust all your appliances.

Belkin WeMo Light Switch

This high-end light switch lets you control lights from your phone. It works with an app and is also compatible with iPod touch, iPad, and Android devices. The WeMo app works with Alexa and Google Assistant and can schedule alarms and timers, and can adjust fans and ACs.

Tend Secure Lynx Indoor

The small indoor system is a pleasure to use as its so effortlessly designed. People who are not as tech savvy can also use it without any problems. This camera also doubles up as a security system which is a huge bonus.  It has 1080p HD live streaming, provisions for a free 7-day cloud storage facial-recognition. It’s one of the most economical appliances and can also be used as a recorder and sends you notifications based on your alarms.

Nest Cam Outdoor

The indoor camera is a total multitasker and is immensely compatible with multiple devices. It has provisions for weatherproof usage and it also uses WiFi to help you keep tabs on your home. It has received incredible reviews as it sends out a high-powered video signal, which you can access with an app. You can store these videos and Nest Cam also works as a CCTV camera. The company actually has an updated model coming up soon, which is already much anticipated.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

This security system is one of the most reliable home automation options available. It has Door Sense technology which helps you keep tabs on when your door is being unlocked or shut. The third-generation smart lock gives an effortless edge to the automation system’s design. It is also compatible with Alexa and Siri and you can just access them to lock or unlock your doors.

Insteon Wireless Open/Close Sensor

The magnetic contact sensor is the most advanced home automation system, as it can control lights and devices with a door close. It is surprisingly easy to use, and the instant alarm feature is a lifesaver. It has a great range and is perfect for keeping tabs on doors, liquor cabinets, lockers, safes etc.

Yale Security Real Living Electronic Touch Screen Deadbolt

It is compatible with Works with Amazon Alexa and a number of other systems. One of the best-reviewed touch screen automation systems, it has been praised for its user-friendly night access. This is an incredible security addition and you might not even need a camera system if you’ve got this installed.

Aeotec Z-Wave MultiSensor by Aeon Labs

From clocks to thermostats to doors, this sensor system can control everything. It uses the famous Z technology and is surprisingly economical. Besides basic monitoring, it can be also used for security coverage and adjusting temperatures. It is a multitasker as it can adjust and control temperature, light, humidity, all at once.

You can check them all out on Amazon.

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