Best Free Online Flowchart Maker Tools

The flowchart is a subtle way of representing a process or an algorithm for analyzing the workflow in an effective way. Flowcharts are extensively used in organizations and institutions to represent a solution model of a task with the diagrammatic illustration. The representation of a work process with graphical representations like a flowchart paves the way for better collaboration to deal with a work-related process and aids in understanding the entire process.

Generally, a flowchart depicts the steps that are necessary to start a process and also steps that are required to finish the process or reach the endpoint of the workflow. There are many software available for Windows to make flowcharts. However, they are specific to your system specification like operating systems and hardware configuration. The most useful way of making a flowchart is by using online flowchart makers.

Free Online Flowchart Makers

Online flowchart makers is an excellent tool explicitly for developers and app designers that allows users to design technical diagrams with no much efforts. They are the easy and super fast way of making flowcharts without worrying about the hardware configuration and software installation. In this article, we round up some of the best online flowchart makers to create charts, graphs, and diagrams instantly.

  1. Apache OpenOffice Draw
  2. Grapholite
  3. Lucidchart
  5. Wireflow
  6. Google Drawings Chrome extension.

1]Apache OpenOffice Draw

Apache OpenOffice Draw is an open source flowchart maker that aids in creating a business flowchart in a few clicks. It is a lightweight tool that can be used for both general posters and technical process. With the help of OpenOffice Draw, users can create Complex Diagrams, Floor Plans, SWOT Analysis and others instantly. The online tool offers a simple and easy to use interface that makes use of vector graphics for editing the drawings. With the help of Open Office.Org, users can easily transport the Scalable Vector Graphics. Users can also use the tool to create Flash (.swf ) versions of charts. The tool is compatible with Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux systems. Use this online flowchart maker here.

2] Grapholite

Grapholite is a free online flowchart maker that lets you draw the sophisticated diagrams at your fingertips. The online tool helps in drawing Venn Diagrams, UML diagrams, mind maps, Sitemap, Org Charts, Wireframe and other complex diagrams instantly with a simple clickety-clack of your mouse. The tool offers built-in shapes and diagrams for creating diagrams in a professional way. The tool can be used across all the devices and users may have to use Microsoft Silverlight to use the tool online on your browser. Use this online flowchart maker here.

3] Lucidchart

Free Online Flowchart Maker Tools

LucidChart is a free online flowchart maker that lets a user create diagrams from any device by simply signing up. The online tool helps to draw diagrams like flowcharts, Venn Diagrams, Sitemap, Org Charts, Wireframe and other complex diagrams instantly with the available templates. Users can easily create a PDF or image files of the diagrams and share easily with the team. The tool provides a platform to invite and collaborate effectively with your team and friends on any devices. The tool also lets the user import data and connect live data to the flowcharts in order to build visuals and other org charts. Use this online flowchart maker here. It is free for single users only.


Best Free Online Flowchart Maker Tools is a free online flowchart maker that offers an easy interface to draw any diagrams and charts be it a simple or a complex process. With a simple drag and drop, you can create flowcharts like Venn Diagrams, UML diagrams, mind maps, Sitemap, Org Charts, Wireframe and other complex charts. The tool allows users to store and share the workflows with your team on Google Drive. Use this online flowchart maker here.

5] Wireflow

Wireflow is another a free online flowchart tool used for creating beautiful flowcharts instantly. The tool lets a user create complex diagrams and charts without the need for any software or photoshop skills. Wireflow is an excellent tool to design the wireframes and user flows. It provides an easy to use interface with inbuilt templates. The user needs to simply drag and drop to create beautiful charts and diagrams. Additionally, the tool also supports the live chat to allow the users to communicate with the team to produce an effective flowchart. Use this online flowchart maker here.

6] Google Drawings Chrome extension

Google Drawing is a free extension for the Chrome browser which can be used for making flowcharts. To start using Google Drawings all one need to have is a Google account in order to avail the benefit of the free Google drawings. With the help of Google Drawings, one can easily draw diagrams and other complex charts with simple drag and drops. Users can access Google Drawing via Google Drive. So anything you draw in Google Drawings will be automatically saved to Google Drive which provides users the benefit of collaboration by sharing the projects with the team. Users can invite participants to view and edit the drawings as well as share it with friends. Use this online flowchart maker here.

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