AntiSnooper: Blur your Computer Screen automatically

While browsing on the web for some privacy tools, I came across a related but cool free software called AntiSnooper, and couldn’t resist from sharing it readers here at TWC. AntiSnooper is a wonderful freeware which can blur the text on your screen in real-time, so that no one else can see it. Even if your documents are open on your screen, no one will be able to understand the content. This freeware is extremely useful for you if your office has an open workspace. It may also help you hiding a chat window while you are logged-in to your social networking account.

Very often we come across a situation when we don’t want anyone to see what we are working on and every person passing by seems to be a snooper. You can rely on AntiSnooper, when you don’t want anyone to see the content on your screen – not even your colleagues peering over your shoulder or your mom rushing into your room. Sure, that would make them suspicious, but the contents wont be exposed.

Blur your Computer Screen


The main overview of the program shows all the program currently running on your system and you can select any program you want to protect. When you select a program, the screen blurs automatically, as soon as you remove the curser from the window, and comes back when you bring back your curser.

For example, if you are chatting with someone of your FB account and don’t want someone to see that, just remove the curser form the screen and it will get obscured.

Blur your Computer Screen

You can also set the protection time out and the obscure factor for any protected program. Just click on the + sign in front of the running program and configure your settings accordingly.antisnooper 3

You can remove the protection any-time you want, so when you feel that  you are alone and there is no one to snoop on you; just stop the window protection. antisnooper 5

AntiSnooper replaces the current windows with screensaver

Besides obscuring the content, AntiSnooper also helps you launching a custom screensaver instantly within a chosen window. Just select any program which you want to hide and click on + sign. It will open the configuration window where you can select a screensaver. So when you remove the curser from the screen, the regular page will be replaced by the screensaver.antisnooper screensave

In a nutshell, AntiSnooper is a very useful freeware which helps you protecting your privacy from the snoopers. As long as your apps and programs are protected with AntiSnooper no one can ever snoop on your PC.

AntiSnooper free download

AntiSnooper is perfect for both business and home use and helps in hiding all your sensitive information.  It is a small software which takes no time to land on your PC. The program comes both in a Zip file and Exe. Format. It gets installed on your system without any issues. Go get it here.

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  1. Juan Figueroa

    I don’t know if i did something wrong, but i installed the program and it says is a trial for 15 days.

  2. jclark


    I’m using AntiSnooper (in our company in accounting department to hide sensitive data) and there are two versions – Lite and Pro, Shiwangi added review for Lite version and you have downloaded Pro (which has more features and support).

  3. myr4ik07

    cool, thanks, workk

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