Advertise in The Windows Club was launched on 27th May, 2009, two years after the launch of Advertising with The Windows Club / The Windows Club Forum / WinVistaClub, is a great way of displaying your product or marketing messages to a broad global audience of software related buyers who visit our website each day. Specifically the website is targeted at the Windows operating system user niche.

With the minimum buy being surprisingly affordable, TheWindowsClub would be a real cost-effective way of getting your product across to a a wide audience. Since its launch, the site has been able to attract a wide reach. Prospective Advertisers may contact us and ask for our sites awstats. We shall be happy to forward them to you.

Display ads on The Windows Club provide an outstanding way to reach Technology & Windows enthusiasts. Featuring a prominent  position in the right sidebar, the around 300 pxl x 250 pxl advertisement will appear site-wide on the website’s sidebar. It is a great way to reach particular segments of our customer base with specific marketing messages.

If you are desirous you advertising on The Windows Club, please contact me for the rates at:

e-mail: happyandyk (at) hotmail (dot) com reserves the right to revise or reject any advertising we believe to be false, misleading or having objectionable intent, to the public or the company.

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