How to add Facebook Frame and Profile Picture Guard to your photos

Facebook always came up with some new ideas. The latest features to be launched are the Facebook Frame and Profile Picture Guard. If you are wondering what are they and how to enable them on your profile picture, this post will throw light on the subject.

Add a Frame to Facebook profile picture

A frame is nothing but an extra layer on your existing profile picture that people often enable to show support to a cause. For example, you might have seen that some people add a Club’s frame to show support. Similarly, there many developers who often release a new frame so that people can show their support or just customize their profile picture with a new look. If you are wondering how to add a frame to the Facebook profile picture, here is how to do that.

Log in to your Facebook profile and go to your Profile. Hover your mouse over your profile picture to get the Update Profile Picture option. You need to click on that option.

Now, you should find an option called Add Frame.

Add a Frame to Facebook profile picture

You can either select a frame from the left sidebar, or you can search for a frame if you know the name. To try it out before applying, just click on the frame in the search result.

If you click on the Use as Profile Picture button, then that selected frame would be applied immediately.

You can even add a frame for a particular span of time. Before clicking on the Use as Profile Picture button, you can select the time. You can either choose 1 hour, one day, one week or set a custom date/time.

Enable Facebook Profile Picture Guard

The latest inclusion of Facebook is Profile Picture Guard. There are many spammers who try to create a mirror of your Facebook profile and create a bad impression in your friend circle. In most of the cases, it has been found that the current profile picture of the original account is being used by the spammer. Therefore, to protect your profile picture, you can enable Profile Picture Guard that helps users in three different ways.

  1. Nobody can download or share your Facebook profile picture.
  2. Those, who are not your friends, cannot tag your profile picture.
  3. A blue border will be added to your profile picture which defines that other people should respect your profile picture, according to Facebook.

To enable it on your Facebook profile, you need to follow these steps on your Facebook app for Android. This feature is not available on the web version of Facebook.

Open your Facebook profile and click on the Edit button on your profile picture. You should find an option called Turn on profile picture guard.

Enable Facebook Profile Picture Guard

After that, you need to click on the Next and Save buttons. After completing this process, you will find a blue shield around your existing profile picture.

Profile Picture Guard is not available for everyone as Facebook is gradually rolling out this feature.

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