About TWC Contributor : Lee Whittington

Lee Whittington, USA, started with his first computer in 1999, a Hewlett Packard bought at Wal-Mart for $1,500.

“Until purchasing one, I thought that computers had to be the most evil things on the planet. Upon purchasing my first pc that same year I attended Southeast College of Technology for Computer Programming. My main focus of studies were Visual Basic, C++ and Networking. After a year and a half I left college to pursue a career at Dell where I did In-House Software Debugging and Tech Support. In 2005 I left Dell to move closer to Birmingham after finding out one of my daughters needed a Kidney Transplant.

Since then I am now a professional Painter using my learned talents to write my own software as a hobby. I also enjoy playing with Photoshop and I am a serious Tech news buff. I spend my free time between gathering every bit of knowledge of Windows 7 I can and keeping up with all the latest gadgets and software.

I’m a huge fan of Nascar, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) websites, Multi-Touch computers, and I am currently Blue-Printing my own design for a Multi-Touch Coffee table that will control most of the electronics around my home. I am also seriously addicted to the Need for Speed series of Xbox 360 games (That’s right, I’m the Drift Master, Smirk).

First full-scale application I wrote was a complete mimic of the once popular Jasc Paint Shop Pro application for a final project in College. In a review by one professor, I was told that someday I would work for Microsoft and if I didn’t that they would be missing a key developer. Alas, the dream never happened, so now I am content with learning and creating what I can to help everyone I can.”

Lee is a 47 year old father of 5 children.

“My children are every bit of my inspiration in life. Without their daily questions, I would have never been inspired to help others. I am also engaged to wonderful woman, who herself inspires me to be the person I am each day instead of being who everyone wants me to be.”

Lee is a member of the TWC Team and also participates at TWC Forums.