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  1. LW – “i’ve been a huge fan of your work for several years – your personal life story is inspirational and i appreciate a man of the humanities & philanthropics – thank’s for sharing and best luck alway’s good friend !!”

  2. Hi Lee,
    I was checking out the tweaker plus v2.0 app. It is pretty awesome!
    However, I noticed I’m unable to do https sites. Ironically, the check exists in v1.0 but still allows me to use it, whereas in v2.0 the check prevents me from even using https://.
    Any chance this could be corrected? 🙂

  3. Hi. Would love to see an updated version of the Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8. The executables currently don’t run correctly on the Release Preview. I think the apps should be installed on every windows 8 and placed on the start screen in an effort to replicate the missing options of the start menu, and it just seems more logical to me to use them instead of the charms bar.. i don’t think of that when i want to shutdown or logoff

  4. I will be updating all apps as quickly as possible. Just now able to get ahold of the latest Windows 8 Preview and working as fast as possible. 🙂

  5. Lee,

    Is there any chance your WiFi Profile Manager will be recompiled for Windows RT and hosted on the Windows Store? It seems like a great app.

  6. Could you please add a command line option to Quick Restore Maker to exit the program when the restore point is created

  7. Hi Lee any chance you would give a developer permission to create a portableapp using your “WiFi Profile Manager 8”. They would need your permission, access to the source code and need to know the language you have written it in… have a look at portableapps dot com to see if is something you would consider thanks

  8. any chance you could help WLM Blocked senders list application so it could be made to work in Windows 7- 64 bit with WLM. It throws nonstop error

  9. Lee, I need some help. I installed MailMyFile v1.0 Beta. I could not get it to work. I looked for the uninstall but there isn’t one that I could see. How do I completely uninstall this app?

  10. Re: WiFi Profile Manager Win8
    Any chance you can update and fix the issues with this utility?
    There seems to be a problem deleting profiles – it creates duplicates.
    With the changes in Win 8.1 this utility is even more essential.
    DougCuk – Computer Support Engineer – London UK

  11. please fix this utility: WiFi Profile Manager 8
    bugs on windows 8.1 (I have more than 1 wireless network adaptor).too many unavailable message on program.also controlling networks on cmd too hard.

  12. I can’t get your Icon Cache Rebuilder to work on Windows 8.1. I had to do the process by hand. “Rebuild” button is grayed out.

  13. I always knew you would be a great programmer. Course it does take up your time. It’s hard for us “old friends” to keep in touch with you! Keep up the good work, my friend!

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