Create a slideshow with 4K Slideshow Maker software

If making slideshows is a troublesome task for you, then you would love to use 4K Slideshow Maker for the easiness it provides in making the slides. 4K Slideshow Maker is a light weight portable application with the help of which you can create slideshows with the photographs that is present either on your system hard drive or on Instagram. It is a very simple and attractive tool with no special system requirement and since it is portable in nature you are not even required to install it on your system.

create a slideshow

4K Slideshow Maker software

The user interface of 4K Slideshow Maker is very simple and easy to use. You are not required to possess and specialized knowledge in order to use this software . You just need to add the photographs either from Instagram or from your own computer.

create a slideshow

In order to add the photos, go to “File” drag down the button on top of the page and click it. As soon as you click it you will see the many options in which one of them is “Add Photos…”. Click on that and then select the photographs for which you want to create a slideshow.

 create a slideshow


  • Create new Slideshows
  • Add Photos from Instagram
  • Change Background Music
  • Remove Photos
  • Remove Music

If you want, you can even rotate all the photos either clockwise or in an anti-clockwise depending upon your need. Click on the “Edit” drag drop down button present on top of the window. There you will get an option to rotate as well as the other options like ‘Remove Photo’ and ‘Preferences’. create a slideshow

Now, once all the photos are being added click on “Make” button to see the preview by clicking on “Show Preview…” and to create a slideshow by clicking on “Make Slideshow…”.

 create a slideshow

You can even take help and see a video tutorial by clicking on “Help” button. There are other options like Help Center, Feedback etc. as mentioned in the ‘Help’ menu.

create a slideshow

By applying effects and transitions you can really put your photos in a great shape. If you want, you can change the transition duration by making changes in the setting panel. If you want, you can even save the slideshow for your mobile phone or to share it on Facebook. This freeware even supports import from your Instagram account.

What else can you do with 4K Slideshow Maker

  • You can choose video format
  • Set aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9
  • Export to AVI, FLV, MP4, M4V format
  • Drag and drop” function
  • Can be moved to any location since the software is portable

Supported by all the version of Windows, 4K Slideshow Maker is a simple freeware software that can really help you to create a slideshow with your photographs. Click here to download the free slideshow maker software and enjoy making slideshow quickly.

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  1. It wouldn’t work for me the download, could not find the site

  2. Click and scroll down to see the download links for this software.

  3. It still wouldn’t but no worries I can use office in fact I do I figured this could be less time consuming

  4. My fault I forgot to get the 64 bit. it’s ok now thanks Anand

  5. Karel Mácha

    this software delete all png images if you try drag and drop png

  6. Megalev

    Abhorrent quality.

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