10 most important chat, text and messaging etiquette

Chat applications or Messenger provides for a cool way to communicate. But like in all  communication, there are some etiquettes which we need to follow.

messenger etiquettes

However, there are some who don’t follow them. These are what I’d consider the most serious Chat or Messaging etiquette offenses.

Chat, text and messaging etiquette

1. The most common Chat or Messaging etiquette offenders are those who ignore the status, and just go ahead and start conversing. In fact these days, very few kind souls actually respect the “Do Not Disturb” sign.

The best way in such cases would be to send a “Ping me when you are free or available” sort of a message and let go. This then lets the person know that you want to communicate with him.

2. You may be available but maybe for say 5-10 minutes, and here you suddenly have guys wanting to ask you questions and seek interactive help. Asking “Free for x minutes?” first would be very nice. Or do consider and see if  an email be a better option here. Most such sought after guys then just always chose to remain offline.

3. Using Capitals or Caps-Lock is a strict no-no and a sure turn off.

4. The impatient ‘nudgers. They keep nudging you, not knowing that you may be busy chatting with someone else or busy in some other work. Instant response is what they expect and if they don’t get it, a nudge is what you get!

5. Emoticon chatters. They communicate less with words and more with emoticons. Does get irritating at time, doesn’t it!?

6. Never ending ‘typers‘. All you get to see is ‘…is typing’ sign. Each time you expect that he will hit the send button, you again see the ‘…is typing’ sign. Thinkers? Or just indecisive?

7. If you have to go away, never leave your PC without a “brb“.

8. The Insensitives. Respect and understand the other persons tastes, choices & dislike. Over a period of time, one does get to know the other persons preferences. Just no point talking about the pro’s and con’s of Windows 7 with a Mac lover now, is there? (One second thoughts I’m sure he’d love to chat about the con’s).

9. Avoid using too much of short texts. Not many would appreciate a message like : b4, v usd 2 go 2 NY 2 C my bro & his fly, unless of course you both prefer to use it.

10. Best not to use sounds if in a public place. Doesn’t a loud mobile user irritate you? The same is the case here! Best to mute your speaker in such times.

And hey, its alright to break ’em once in a while. I too may have. But best to try and follow them!

Any more you can think of? Do add below. Happy

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