10 best RAM hardware modules for gaming on Windows PC

You can load apps in seconds and play games on your PC without experiencing a choppy performance by increasing the speed of your memory and installing more of it. So, upgrading your system’s RAM appears to be an easy cure for a slow computer.  Ideally, 8GB of RAM (1.5 volt DDR3-1600 or 1.2 volts DDR-2133 memory sticks with CAS 15 timings) appears as a good start for most gamers. In most cases, DDR3 RAM will not be compatible with a motherboard that only supports DDR2. DDR4 is one of the best types of RAM since it provides the lowest operating voltage and highest transfer rate on the market right now. We have covered a list of 10 best RAM hardware modules for Windows 10 PC and gaming.

Best RAM hardware for PC

best ram hardware

The good part is with just a screwdriver, your owner’s manual, and a few minutes of time, you can upgrade your PC’s memory with no computer skills required.

1] Crucial Ballistix Sport Series

It is highly recommended for those who often suffer in their gaming experience because of their slow laptop performance. Although not the fastest, or the largest, this memory kit is a great option for saving money without compromising the efficiency of your system. Buy it here from Amazon.

2] Kingston Technology HyperX Predator Black Series

With over 30 years of expertise, Kingston has the knowledge and resources you need to choose memory with confidence. Kingston HyperX Predator Black Series is available in 4GB–16GB single modules and kits of 2, 4, and 8 with capacities of 8GB–128GB. It is optimized for Intel’s latest chipsets and compatible with most AMD’s latest chipsets. Get it from Amazon.

3] Corsair Dominator Platinum Series

All RAM modules from Corsair offer world famous Corsair reliability and performance. The Corsair Dominator Platinum Series helps achieve extreme performance levels in demanding gaming environments. As such, it should operate quietly with optimal cooling efficiency. For this very reason, the memory module comes equipped with CORSAIR LINK software for customization and control. It’s included with some DOMINATOR PLATINUM kits and optional with others. It is available on Amazon.

4] Transcend 8GB Series

The memory modules offered by Transcend promise a compelling combination of compatibility and reliability at an attractive price. These characteristics make Transcend a preferred upgrade memory choice. Its 8GB 1600Mhz Ram (2 X 4GB) module consumes less power and generates less heat than standard DIMs. Check Amazon for more details.

5] Night Hawk RGB 16GB Series

If you are not a hardcore gamer then, Night Hawk RGB 16GB (2X8GB) DDR4 might appear like a good deal for you. Apart from being available in different vibrant colors, it has software to boot, heatsinks on each side to better siphon off any heat when under extreme load. Check the price on Amazon website.

6] G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series

Most of the customer comments approve, G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series is really a good computer accessory. It’s also budget-friendly and offers optimal compatibility and superior quality. G. Skill Ripjaws feature XMP profiles and are dual-channel capable. This will even make your Intel and AMD systems run power-intensive games and programs! Compare it with other RAM modules on Amazon.

7] ADATA XPG V1 Series

From gaming enthusiasts to power users, to system builders, ADATA XPG V1.0 appears to be the preferred choice of all. A special characteristic of this Ram is its Heat Sinks. The heat sinks on these ram sticks are very high quality, and they have a very sturdy feel to them. You’ll never experience the problem of heatsinks coming off because unlike other leading brands which choose to use thermal tape to hold their heat sinks together. ADATA uses a metal hinge. They are not super lightweight which really gives you an idea about the care and quality that goes into creating the overall product

All ADATA memory modules come with a lifetime limited warranty. ADATA is available on Amazon.

8] Mushkin Enhanced Redline Series

All Mushkin memory kits are covered by its lifetime-replacement limited warranty. Other advantages Mushkin Redline DDR4-2800 16GB Dual-Channel Kit offers include low voltage requirements, a shorter overall height that causes less conflict with aftermarket CPU coolers. Here is it’s Amazon link.

9] Viper Elite Series DDR4 16GB

If you’re looking for some decent RAM for your desktop computer to improve your gaming experience, the Viper Elite Series DDR4 memory modules provide improved performance and support for Intel X99 and 100 systems. See it on Amazon.

10] PNY Anarchy 16GB Kit 

For gaming enthusiasts aiming to build their own gaming rig, the PNY Anarchy should find a place in the checklist. Its uniquely designed Anarchy heat spreaders dissipate heat to keep your rig chill and get the maximum performance even during high-stress, overclocked conditions. Find more details on this Amazon page.

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