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Download Petya ransomware decrypt tool & password generator

The PETYA ransomware is one of the most recent online threats for PC users. It is a malware which overwrites the MBR (Master Boot Record) of your PC and leaves it unbootable and also disallows restarting the PC in Safe Mode. Simply put, PETYA ransomware is a malware which encrypts your PC and asks for a ransom against the decryption key.

Petya ransomware password generator & decrypt tool

While it is natural for users to panic in this situation and pay the ransom to get the decryption key, there is, fortunately, a decrypt tool available now. A new Petya password generator has been created to let the users decrypt their hard drive without paying any ransom. Yes! You can actually get your PETYA infected and encrypted disk back without paying a single bitcoin. However, the method is a bit technical and would not be easy for a non-techie PC user, it is still worth trying.

How to use Petya ransomware decrypt tool

To start with, you first need to extract some data from PETYA infected drive by connecting another computer to it. You need to get the 512 bytes of verification data and 8 byte nonce, to be precise. You can also use some hexeditor to get the verification and nonce sector from the encrypted disk.

Data Location:

Nonce 8-bytes: sector 54 [0x36] offset: 33 [0x21]

Encrypted Verification Sector 512-bytes: sector 55 [0x37] offset: 0 [0x0]

PETYA ransomware infects your computer and leaves no way to interact with the hard drive, but this online tool created by Leostone give you the access back in just a few seconds.

This is what the webpage title on Github says, “Get your Petya encrypted disk back, WITHOUT paying ransom!!!”.

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