Zune Desktop and Windows Phone 7 sync

The iTunes program, is a ‘downloadable’  media player available from Apple, Inc. In addition to being able to play media files such as music and movies, the application also connects to the iTunes store, an enormous resource for free and purchasable digital media. Since its release in 2001, iTunes has become a near standard application for most computer users, and has greatly fueled the digital media revolution.

Similarly Microsoft offers the Zune desktop , which we can use to sync with Windows Phone 7 device. But recently at IndiMIX 2010 at Mumbai, India the ASUS galaxy was unable to sync with Visual Studio. To try and fix the problem, the guest speaker launched the Zune desktop to re-configure the device. The Zune desktop has got a new tab under ‘Settings‘ called ‘Phone’. When you start the Sync wizard you’re asked to enter your Windows Live credentials for setting up the device.

Here are some screenshots so that you can sync your WP7 device.

1. The Windows Phone 7 screen if it is sync’d

2. Updating Windows Phone 7 with Zune desktop:

3. The Zune desktop version being used by Softies:

Image Credits : BeingManan.

Sure looks good!

The author Vipul is a Microsoft Student Partner and blogs at IE9News.com.

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