ZoomIt: A screen zoom and annotation tool for technical presentations

You must be wanting a tool that could help you while making some video tutorials or giving some demonstration from a Windows PC. You could zoom in and zoom out instantly and make screen annotations perfectly with any much complications. If you are looking for such a tool, you should try ZoomIt, from SysInternals. 

ZoomIt is free screen zoom and annotation tool for technical presentations that include application demonstrations. The first time you run ZoomIt, it will show a configuration dialog that will let you customize its settings, the way you want it.

You can do a normal zoom in or zoom out, in which you will not be able to operate your PC; you could just move the zoomed area around the screen. You can also do a live zoom, in which you could operate your PC normally. The zoom quality of the application is superb. It can make screen annotations such as you can mark or circle anything or just underline anything with the marker tool and you can even type on the screen.

All you need to do is just select the hotkeys to do everything mentioned above. In my opinion, the default hotkeys settings are not good they are all Ctrl+, but if you want you can change them during the first-run itself. The application keeps minimized to system tray and doesn’t make much noise from the notification area.

You can select the break time as while giving some presentation you want a short break, you just need to do is press the hotkey for break and a timer will start on-screen which will look like the image below.

You can change many preferences such as a background image for the break or a faded desktop as background of break timer. You can even change the position of timer from the break tab. You  can change the font for text that you type on-screen and the font for the time.

While in drawing mode you can have different colored pens and you can switch to a white or black screen by pressing ‘w’ or ‘k’ keys respectively. You can copy a zoomed screen by pressing normal copy keys i.e. Ctrl + C and save it by pressing Ctrl + S.

I would say, it is a perfect application for those who frequently make video tutorials and gave some video demonstration on your PC. The interface of the application is very good and very user-friendly too.

You can download it for Windows 7 from here.

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    Thank you. Great, great tool.

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