ZoneAlarm firewall resorts to scare tactics!

Alert : Your PC may be in danger! Risk: High. Get protection now! Buy XXX! Sounds familiar? These are how most scareware alerts are worded! Scareware are those software with malafide intent, that scare you into buying their products.

UPDATE: ZoneAlarm tries to explain reasons for popup message.

But now it appears that even legit security software makers are turning aggressive and pushing out such scare messages onto their free version users!

Zone Alarm free version firewall users are surprised and angry to see that the firewall they have trusted for so long is now following scareware tactics and pushing such messages on to them!

Users of its free firewall version are being warned about ZeuS.Zbot.aoaq, even if their PC’s have not been infected with this malware!

While the company intends to simply warn its free version users of new threats, the alert message has been worded in such a way that it gives the impression that the user’s computer may actually be infected with it!

There is an thread by ‘Angry with ZA’, at the ZoneAlarm forums which is actively discussing this issue!

Says Grey Duck: I’m very disappointed with ZA for sending out the bogus scare regarding ZeuS.Zbot.aoaq. Any more of these childish marking ploys will cause me to uninstall ZA and get my firewall protection from someone else…First ZA sends out a scareware popup as a marketing ploy and now they’re deleting or closing any posts on the forum mentioning it.

Guru says: This is just information about a new virus. There is no indication that your system is infected. Ignore it.

bobble says : The only way I’ve been able to eliminate it (this phish) is to uninstall zone alarm free.

It is rather disappointing and distressing to see a company like Zone Alarm resorting to such scareware tactics!

What do you think of such tactics? Would you still stick with Zone Alarm Free Firewall or suggest that users switch over to another free firewall!

Thanks for the RT, Corrine!

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