Zillya Scanner Portable detects and removes all types of malware

There are numerous anti-malware programs in the market. However, not all are equally effective, and not all are freeware as well. Here is a quick review of a portable freeware that is easy to use and we found it effective as well. This is Zillya Scanner Portable antivirus software. It’s not a new antivirus program on the block, but it certainly has improved over the years, since its first launch.

Zillya Scanner Portable

Zillya Scanner Portable helps you remove not only viruses; but also Trojans, worms and various types of malware and spyware you’re your infected computers.

As the name suggests, Zillya is a portable software application. That means, no need to install it on your PC. You can simply carry it on a portable device and start using it. One of the notable features of this tool is that it does not modify the setting of the Windows registry. It does not create any extra files as well. Thus, when you delete the program folder it, it will be completely removed from your PC without any traces.

When running Zillya Scanner Portable, it shows three scanning modes. You won’t require complex configuration settings. As a result, Zillya Scanner Portable becomes easy to use for all types of users.

It has three scanning modes as Quick, Full, and Custom. The under-friendly interface has a clear-cut layout, and you will be able to easily pick the scanning modes you want.

Zillya Scanner Portable

The Quick Scan simply scans the most important sections of your PC. It scans the typical places where a malware usually hides (such as memory processes and Windows files).

Zillya Scanner Portable

Unfortunately, we found the Quick Scan to be too slow for calling it ‘Quick’. Also, it threw up several false positives. Hence, we would suggest that you be careful before deleting the thrown up results blindly.

With any antivirus or antimalware program, one of the main difficulties you face is when it throws false positive results. False positive results are nothing but, the program flags certain files or tools/software on your PC as a threat or virus, when in reality they are not. If you are not careful in analyzing the results, you might end up deleting a useful and harmless software, tool or file from your PC.

The Full Scan mode scans all local disks. On the other hand, with the Custom Scan, you can choose the files and folders that you need to scan.

Zillya Scanner Portable

What do you see in the scan results

Zillya Scanner Portable is good at displaying results that are easy to understand. It displays information such as time spent on scanning, scanned items, the rate of scan, infected files, cured/deleted items. It also displays the progress bar. If you wish, you can even pause the scanning and resume it later. Or you can even terminate the scanning altogether.

Zillya Scanner Portable

Zillya Scanner Portable also offers a ‘Restore Point’ to the users. It is the feature using which you can restore the files were removed during the scan considering that they are infected. However, if you want to restore the files, since they were treated or the program started working fine, you can do it using the ‘Restore Point’ feature.


The interface os Zillya Scanner is easy to understand and does not contain any complex action items. It had less impact on computer performance. The scan is a bit slow and the tool may throw up false positives, so be careful before you delete all blindly. Go through the list and then decide what you want to delete. It can be very efficiently used as the second line of defense against all possible threats to the PC. If you want to take it for run, you can download it from its home page. Scroll down till you see the Zillya! Scanner download button.

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