YouTube Tutorials for Video Creators to make better videos

YouTube is a platform which allows anybody to upload videos using a simple Gmail account and this simple feature has made it the second largest search engine in the world. Over the years, YouTube has been improving significantly, and both viewers and video makers can realize the changes at first attempt. If you are a YouTube video maker or you have created a new channel recently, check out these YouTube tutorials so that you can utilize this platform better and make better videos.

YouTube Tutorials for Video Creators

1] Enable Live Streaming

YouTube Tutorials for Video Creators

If you have been using Facebook app, you might have seen that Facebook lets users be online and share what they are doing with friends in real-time. That is called “Live Streaming.” The same feature is available on YouTube which can be used to share an event in real-time with anybody. However, you have to verify your channel, and it should not have any restriction for live streaming.

Having done this, you can go to Creator Studio > Channel > Status and Features. Here, you will get an option called Live Streaming. Hit the Enable button and verify your account with a phone number. Following that, the Live Streaming feature will be enabled. Here is a get started guide that you might want to read.

2] Customize your Channel

Customize channel layout - YouTube tutorials for video creators

If you want to grow your channel, the first thing you have to do is to customize your channel to make it look better. You can add a Profile picture (which is synchronized with Google+ display picture), Channel art, edit the layout, intro video, and so on. Head over to your channel homepage and make all the changes.

To select the design of your channel, click on the Settings gear button visible before the subscription box > Toggle the button that says Customize the layout of your channel.

3] Channel Privacy

Manage channel privacy - YouTube tutorials for video creators

When you are making a channel for a brand, you should take care of the privacy settings all the times. YouTube allows users to watch videos, and Like or Dislike them, subscribe to a channel, create a custom playlist, and so forth. However, if you want to make them hidden from other people, here is the trick. Go to your channel’s homepage > click on the

Go to your channel’s homepage > Click on the Settings gear button > Toggle button that appears under the Privacy section.

4] Add Watermark to Videos

add watermark - YouTube tutorials for video creators

You should always to protect your digital content from being copied or stolen. Many people download YouTube videos and edit them. Although this is not the ultimate solution, this trick might help you to add a watermark and prevent people from stealing your video.

To do this, go to Creator Studio > Channel > Branding. Click on the Add watermark button. Choose a GIF or PNG file that is less than 1 MB, set the position and save your changes.

5] Enable YouTube Monetization

Enable monetization YouTube tutorials for video creators

Making money always makes everyone happy, and YouTube assists video makers to earn money using their videos. You can become a YouTube partner and make money using Google AdSense.

Go to Creator Studio > Channel > Status and Features. Here, you should get a Monetization tab. Hit the Enable button and follow your screen options and agree to the terms and conditions. Following this, you should get a dollar ($) sign next to the videos that are eligible for monetization. For your information, you should choose a country before enabling monetization.

YouTube is one of the best platforms to showcase your talent using videos. Do use these YouTube tutorials to make better videos and make money from YouTube.

If you watch YouTube videos on a daily basis, here are some YouTube tips and tricks for viewers those will let you do more on YouTube.

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