YouTube app alternatives for Windows Phone

Google has withdrawn support for Microsoft’s YouTube app for Windows Phone, alleging violation of the terms and services of YouTube. The lack of having a good official YouTube app on Windows Phone has made its users look for other good alternatives. If you’re one of them, here are some best alternative third-party apps to surf YouTube from your Windows Phone mobile device.

YouTube app alternatives for Windows Phone



MetroTube is arguably the best YouTube app for Windows Phone. It’s the way how official YouTube app from Microsoft should have been. MetroTube blends Metro UI together with YouTube API and provides you a complete new YouTube experience. It runs in a super smooth, clean, bug free, simple and easy interface. It also offers offline playback, which can be viewed later.  This revamped YouTube app alternative is not a free; it is available on Windows Phone Store for $0.99.



myTube lies among the best YouTube app on the Windows Phone platform. It has an overlaying interface which can let you do anything inside the app without stopping the videos, it also plays the video in the background if you’ve left the app. A recent update has added more language support and auto-play option for playlist. myTube is available on Windows Phone Store for $0.99.



TubePro is another alternative for the official blocked YouTube app on Windows Phone. Packed with a variety of features, it is a complete YouTube app for Windows Phone platform. Along with video playback, it allows downloading videos to the device to view later and uploading of recorded videos. An advantage of TubePro over MetroTube is it is available for FREE on Windows Phone Store.



YouTube is an unofficial YouTube app which is very similar to the Microsoft’s app. It retains the same interface of the official app and doesn’t offer any more features like downloading videos. For those who are used to the old app interface, this is a perfect alternative. However, you’ll be annoyed with the advertisements popping at the bottom, but it could be ignored. YouTube is available for FREE on Windows Phone Store [Updated 31 Aug 2018: The app has been taken down].

There are lots of unofficial YouTube apps available on the Windows Phone Store. Do let us know which one you use or recommend.

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