Yandex Mail Review: Free feature rich email service

Are you planning to open a new email account? It’s time to think out-of-the-box. I would highly recommend Yandex Mail, which is a free email service which is quite popular among the mail services in Russia. Yandex Mail has a lot to offer in terms of email storage, convenient UI, and efficient spam protection by Yandex proprietary technologies. This mail service has the ability to process over 12 million emails on a daily basis, excluding spam.


Sounds too good to be true? Let’s look at some very useful and unique features of Yandex, which make it a fully reliable and effective email service,

Yandex Mail Review

Unlimited Email Storage: Unlike most email services, Yandex offers its users, an indefinite storage space, wherein, you can receive unlimited emails with attachments and your inbox space will automatically increase to accommodate those emails. After registration, you get an inbox space of 10 GB and as soon as it’s exhausted with less than 200 MB remaining, the space gets automatically enhanced with an additional 1 GB. The maximum file size for an attachment in an email is 30 MB and in case your file size exceeds that limit, Yandex automatically uploads the file on Yandex.Disk (integrated cloud storage) and your recipient will receive a download link. Super convenient I must say! The maximum file size to be uploaded to Yandex Disk is 2 GB.

SPAM-free emails: Yandex comes with in-built antivirus software, Dr. Web which safeguards your email account by screening all the incoming emails and blocking spam and virus-infected emails there and then with the help of the ‘Spamoborona’ technology. Further, Yandex also does not show any advertisements.

A fun-email service: Yandex is surely not just another email service. Add-ons like the vivacious theme options and e-cards make sure that the user has a fun experience too.

It provides over 30 themes for the user to choose from and with the e-card add-on you can create greetings for your loved ones from numerous card templates.

You can select the themes you want easily.


Yandex also lets you send eCard to your friends for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


Highly convenient: There are multiple features, which make Yandex high on convenience. Some of them are automatic formatting, spell check and translator. All these features run alongside the composition of your email, so you don’t have to leave the inbox, saving on time and effort. Apart from text messages, Yandex.Mail also enables the user to send video messages with sound. Simply select the option ‘Video’ for instant recording of your message.


Another most helpful and supportive feature of Yandex is that you can connect and manage your other mailboxes here. Now, that is something which will help you getting used to this amazing email service in no time and I’m sure you wouldn’t miss your old email account at all!


Looks interesting? Go ahead and create your email account on Yandex here.

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  1. Dan

    Yandex SEARCH ENGINE has been known to have some problems filtering malware sites/script-laden images, probably as it’s trying to be like Bing in results inclusiveness (many a time Comodo Dragon rightly steered me from pages/images which VirusTotal , inter alia, also found problems with); BUT since this type of email account seems better prepared to detect spam/malware, and wants to be like Gmail without the “drama”, I’ll give it a try to see if latency (I’m in USA) or Comodo issues exist, and if not, I’ll certainly want to use this service. ( Always make sure your own AV/firewall/Defender/OS updated before going online for ANY reason…no picking on Yandex intended!).

  2. Supreet Bhatia

    Thanks a lot for your inputs. 🙂

  3. tambourette

    I’ve been using Yandex Mail for a while now and find it far superior than Gmail and Yahoo, both of which I have used/tried in the past. I had been with Yahoo for years until I got sick of their ads. I’ve tried Gmail a few times but found the interface appalling.

    Yandex Mail scores across all front. It is very user friendly and most importantly for me, I can open many emails at the same time in new tabs or windows, not like the old Yahoo version which opened emails in a tab within your browser tab, making the window smaller and smaller.

    Yandex also allows you to connect other mailboxes to it and use just one email address to send and receive emails from the other accounts. I don’t know if Gmail does that (it’s probably hidden deep inside if it does) but it’s very easy with Yandex.

    If you have any problem with Yandex, you can contact them easily and will get a reply from someone very quickly. I tried contacting Yahoo in the past but they actively discourage it and Iafter jumping through many hoops, I still wasn’t able to contact them.

  4. I agree entirely with your comments. Yandex Mail is the best as far as I am concerned. I will never go back to Gmail or Yahoo, which is absolutely dreadful. I also use the Calendar option, in Russian, but very easy after a day to use.

  5. TheGuy Tired of Spam

    Hi, I am tired of the whole Spying thing from the N S A in the Americas and I was wondering about what Yandex has to offer. I receive tons of spam emails on my Gmail account that come from “women profiles” that do not even know my name and I have checked their ip addresses and most of them point to Ukraine or Belarus. I do not know if Yandex is going to be better than Gmail on that matter since Yandex is Russian and the Ukraine is around the neighborhood. Anyway, I do not trust any service right now after brave ex-N S A guy Edward S. came out with that video and surprised all of us with the continuous spying from North American based N S A. Please, let me know what is Yandex policy on that and if you know a better service let me know. Thanks,

  6. Krmbl

    Do yo know mail recipient limit at he same time? This limit is 35. and too small.

  7. prince

    please help me my e-mails from yandex never reach US e-mail domains. and also i am not receiveng any mails from there. Please give me some instruction or let me know the problem

  8. tradespoke

    I signed up for a yandex mail but I’ve been unable to send messages until now. Every time I click send this pop-up appears:

    An error occurred
    This message cannot be sent — spam detected.

    I’m not spamming. What can I do about this??

  9. Supreet Bhatia

    Hi, I’m using Yandex and not facing any such issue. Although, emails with external links such as a social media page can be marked as Spam. Try sending only text and see if that gets delivered, also delete cookies and empty cache. Hope this helps 🙂

  10. Peter van Zoest

    Same problem!

  11. marek

    same problem!

  12. Razvan

    I had the same problem, send a ticket to yandex mail help, got the answer below and solved the problem.


    This problem is caused by the fact that your login seemed suspicious to our security system.

    To be able to start sending messages again, you must indicate reliable personal information on page

    On that gape you will have to link a mobile phone to your account via the ‘phone numbers’ link, if you haven’t done so already. There may also be a CAPTCHA test to complete.

    After doing this your account will automatically be unblocked. If you have any difficulties, please contact us again and we will unblock the account manually.

  13. FF444

    If a Yandex.Mail account is inactive for 6 months, it will be removed in no time.

  14. spooky tooth

    I love the look of Yandex but I’m struggling to like it! I cant send emails.( the few I did manage to send I had to fill in the number/letter codes thingy. I keep getting the error message….cannot send email, spam detected!!!!. its extremely frustrating as there doesn’t seem to be an option to alter the spam settings.

  15. Alexander

    Yandex is working on the territory of Russian Federation and according to local statement acts. As I know there is legal control of internet and communications in Russia, called SORM ( I do not know what is better – NSA or FSB, PRISM or SORM.

  16. Ros Papas aka nofearorfavor

    Did a trial with Kaspersky 3.00 PURE and have protection both on and offline. This version of Kaspersky is pretty comprehensive, providing protection against malware, trojans viruses etc while it is constantly updated about ever more virtual horrors. Its not free, but getting it for sure, as peace of mind I’ve had since installing, is just amazing. As for Yandex browser, find it very secure and more intelligent than most browsers and offers an extensive support service. Love Yandex mail, no more spam and as the reviewer said above, many delightful and useful features.

  17. Ros Papas aka nofearorfavor

    Alexander, when it comes to trust these days, I trust Yandex over any of the other browsers I’ve used for decades.. even Firefox, which I still have installed, but use less and less. I don’t even have the fastest wifi connection, but the best I could find in South Africa to suit my pocket and even if Yandex loads a bit slow at times, I know once I’m surfing I’m in clear waters. All my passwords are synced and also my comment logins. As for spam in Yandex mail, have not had any, but I always check mail before opening, if it looks strange and very few have come through… once I mark these as spam, I never see them again. Check comment I made above Dan’s, if you’re interested in Kaspersky… seamless protection while surfing.. These are my experiences only, but I’m a pretty fussy and security aware cuss.

  18. Alex

    I been having a problem with sending messages, every time i send a message (CAN NOT SEND SPAM DETECTED) I sent messages to customer services but still never heard back. I all so did all the security questions and added my mobile, but with no results still cant send. Any body have any other ideas..

  19. Ros Papas aka nofearorfavor

    Hi Alex, one question relating to the message(s) you were sending… were you forwarding to many? I ask because I noticed when I did, I also had the ‘cannot send spam detected’ Then a verification window opened which I had to complete and still it would not send. So I checked MY message to see what content could possibly make yandex mail view it as spam and changed it here and there, tried a few more times and then it sent successfully. Think their security is pretty tight and although I got a bit nettled about it too, I continued completing the verification until the message went off. I also checked my mail settings to see whether I was not perhaps snookering myself, but these were fine. Try I know they ask one uploads a snapshot of the problem, but I haven’t got that one right yet! Maybe also search in Yandex browser for “spam error in yandex mail – cannot send off mail from my yandex mail app” .. this should take you through to their support site, which I found pretty straightforward and helpful. Let me know if you have success! Can be very frustrating, but at least they really run a clean ship…

  20. Ros Papas aka nofearorfavor

    Try doing what Razvan said a few posts above your reply to me… makes sense… maybe it will sort the prob…

  21. Jun

    The best email ever!

  22. Jun

    Maybe you´re using a VpN. It happened with me sometimes but after some checks rarely showed again up

  23. I prefer Yandex over gmail

  24. westword6

    Given the amount of internet banditry going on in Russia and China, I hesitate to stick a toe into those waters, no matter how feature-rich Yandex mail is. Who owns Yandex? Are they associated in any way with Russia’s political elite, or its military?

  25. himansshuhsingh

    Hi, I am facing the same issue, if any one can point me in right direction ? I posted to their support page, however no response or help so far…

  26. BeloSol

    Quote from Alexander:
    I do not know what is better – … PRISM or SORM.

    Well, I vote for SORM. Whatever they might want to store, decrypt or analyze … whatever they want to extract … what ever would they do with it, that’s of any concern to me?

    I’m not a Russian citizen.

  27. mort

    DO NOT USE This beast has such fierce spam protection it blocks the user from sending any emails.

  28. Bert West

    Yandex is a little more than phishing machine for
    acquiring information about you. I have never seen a service so nosy and
    insistent on invading my privacy – they even asked me for a drivers license,
    passport, or military ID. This happened after I refused to give them my
    telephone number. They had the nerve to ask me if the name I used to register
    was my real name – thank goodness it wasn’t.

    Beware of this company – they are up to no good; they
    have all the accouterments and earmarks of an organization that is up to
    criminal or nefarious activities.

    Do not – I repeat: do not do business with them and
    certainly do not give them any of your personal information.

    Yandex is sneaky, and here’s how they work – it will
    begin with an incremental collection of information accompanied by the
    inconvenient “step” of filling out the difficult to read code in the
    box………..then they ask you for another piece of private information. Don’t
    start down this path.

    It’s all very deliberate. When you write to them
    informing them of your difficulties – they intimate that you are the one who’s
    a crook and they need this information to protect themselves and their sacred
    and almighty “terms of service”. Does this add insult to
    inconvenience, or what?

    I see a lot of positive reviews for this company – either
    Yandex is stacking the deck with reviews, or else there are an awful lot of
    naive people out there getting robbed (and they just don’t know it yet).

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