Yandex Mail Review: Free feature rich email service

Are you planning to open a new email account? It’s time to think out-of-the-box. I would highly recommend Yandex Mail, which is a free email service which is quite popular among the mail services in Russia. Yandex Mail has a lot to offer in terms of email storage, convenient UI, and efficient spam protection by Yandex proprietary technologies. This mail service has the ability to process over 12 million emails on a daily basis, excluding spam.


Sounds too good to be true? Let’s look at some very useful and unique features of Yandex, which make it a fully reliable and effective email service,

Yandex Mail Review

Unlimited Email Storage: Unlike most email services, Yandex offers its users, an indefinite storage space, wherein, you can receive unlimited emails with attachments and your inbox space will automatically increase to accommodate those emails. After registration, you get an inbox space of 10 GB and as soon as it’s exhausted with less than 200 MB remaining, the space gets automatically enhanced with an additional 1 GB. The maximum file size for an attachment in an email is 30 MB and in case your file size exceeds that limit, Yandex automatically uploads the file on Yandex.Disk (integrated cloud storage) and your recipient will receive a download link. Super convenient I must say! The maximum file size to be uploaded to Yandex Disk is 2 GB.

SPAM-free emails: Yandex comes with in-built antivirus software, Dr. Web which safeguards your email account by screening all the incoming emails and blocking spam and virus-infected emails there and then with the help of the ‘Spamoborona’ technology. Further, Yandex also does not show any advertisements.

A fun-email service: Yandex is surely not just another email service. Add-ons like the vivacious theme options and e-cards make sure that the user has a fun experience too.

It provides over 30 themes for the user to choose from and with the e-card add-on you can create greetings for your loved ones from numerous card templates.

You can select the themes you want easily.


Yandex also lets you send eCard to your friends for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


Highly convenient: There are multiple features, which make Yandex high on convenience. Some of them are automatic formatting, spell check and translator. All these features run alongside the composition of your email, so you don’t have to leave the inbox, saving on time and effort. Apart from text messages, Yandex.Mail also enables the user to send video messages with sound. Simply select the option ‘Video’ for instant recording of your message.


Another most helpful and supportive feature of Yandex is that you can connect and manage your other mailboxes here. Now, that is something which will help you getting used to this amazing email service in no time and I’m sure you wouldn’t miss your old email account at all!


Looks interesting? Go ahead and create your email account on Yandex here.

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