Features of the new Yahoo Messenger Desktop App


  1. This is by far the worst thing Yahoo has done. The new is not improved. Read the posts on the Yahoo community site.

  2. Yahoo obviously wants to phase out messenger. The new messenger is the most useless program I’ve seen. A terrible upgrade.

  3. I just upgraded. Where are my notes and contact info!! Oh yay,.. I used to have all my contacts in a list but now with this romper room font I have to scroll incessantly. The preferences have been truncated down to uselessness. Wow this thing appears horrible!

  4. And this is a textbook example of a paid article. Convenient?? You can’t even see who’s bloody online anymore, for Christ’s sake! This is a huge downgrade, that’s just a plain fact. Now it’s a text message system for desktop.
    Guess what, I have a phone. I don’t need you.

  5. There is another app that is not YM, but is like YM & advertised on the help forum.
    Time to ditch YM I think.

  6. This is a severe “Downgrade”, not an upgrade. Who do you think you are kidding? Is this article some sort of joke? Seriously, this ‘new’ version offers virtually nothing compared to previous versions of Yahoo Messenger. If I am unable to make voice calls or use a cam, it is totally useless to me.
    I used Yahoo Messenger to “talk” to people overseas. Talk as in “Voice”. Their English is bad, and they can more easily express themselves in their limited English by “talking”, NOT typing. I am going over to Skype. I am actually already using Skype, which lacks a lot of features of the old Yahoo Messenger, but offers voice and cam capability.
    Does whoever dreamed up this version of Yahoo Messenger think users are crazy? Calling it an “Upgrade” is pure stupidity. But, that is typical of corporate mentality.

  7. I hate this version…. I hope many will stop using Yahoo Messenger… People will move to some-other messengers… Bad luck for Yahoo….

  8. WOW! I have never felt more like I have taken a step back in time by like 20 years – until I downloaded the “New” version! This is by far the worst “Update” I have EVER run across. Lost half my friend list, can’t tell if anyone is online, no profile pics, emoticons are right out of the 80’s era, no highlighting the icon on my screen when I have a new message (if I don’t see the quick notification bar flash across, then I have no idea there’s anything new). Getting urged to invite people I don’t even know is annoying and the list goes on and on. The idiot thought this was a good idea should be fired. I will be deleting this from my computer and using an alternate program. You guys really screwed up this time. I have yet to see one good comment on this. You had a good thing here and now it totally blows big time. Way to go Yahoo!

  9. WoW! this writer must have been high when writing this article. NEW and Improved my backed. This new messenger is stripped down and useless. After August I won’t be using any of yahoo’s services anymore. It’s to bad. I’ve been using yahoo since their start. Yahoo was my first email account.

  10. Stop lying. this is clearly paid for by yahoo or Verizon. You are pretty much sucking the DInk of yahoo. I see you down on your knees for them.

  11. We do not accept paid articles, but feel free to form your opinion, for it matters liitle to me. You may dislike an article, that is your prerogative, but one more comment out of place here and I will delete all your comments.

  12. Cracks me up that the writer says “some of the old features may have been removed, but there are some new “nifty” features”. Seriously? Like what, not being able to use it anymore? Yeah, that’s real Nifty.

  13. how i will be able to see my mail with thw new version. i have many folders in which i kept some interesting e-mail. how can i see them?

  14. I’ve tried Pigdin before and just now but it seems it’s not a “real” IM……. seems you have to have an account on an existing IM to use it such as AIM, YIM, MSN (why is that even still there!?) etc……. or am I misunderstanding here?

  15. You’re welcome to disagree but remember my friend, that it is not us who made this product. These were my opinion and you’re welcome to express yours. There is no point going all brouhaha over this. You’re welcome to stay at any older version of YM or move to some other platform. It hardly makes any difference.

  16. Then if it’s not you who “made” it may you shouldn’t be telling us not to complain about it. If I’m welcome to express my opinion then don’t tell me to “calm down”. If we were welcome to stay at the older version vs forced to update…most of us wouldn’t have an issue. If you’re going to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong then you get what you get. And yes, it’s clear it hardly makes any difference if you keep loyal people who have been with you since the beginning….because if it did….we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  17. Oh and so that my original message written last night would get approved…I prettied it up for your delicate incompetent viewing.

    First of all…don’t tell me to “calm down already”. Like me pointing out this defunct debauchery, some how requires your management. Instead of managing my response to your shitty ass service….why don’t you FIX YOUR SERVICE!!!

    Second of all…if you have to “find your way through” a GUI then guess what….IT’S NOT GUI!! Don’t even pretend to condescend me….your jacked up system was insult enough. Just say you’re sorry and you’re fixing it. Lie to us. You know like the time you said you were doing “upgrades” and just really meant..”Hey we’re too chicken to tell you that we don’t want you to use the service anymore”.

  18. Agree the big downfall is the lack of any highlighting of the taskbar icon for pending messages – that seems pretty basic – It’s therefore unusable for me at work because I keep my volume down and otherwise need to know if there’s a msg pending.

  19. I.AM.SO.GLAD.I.KEPT.The older version installer – this new version? Sucks donkey testicles at the root …jeeez

  20. We only really use the desktop version. The lack of showing a “friend” list or if a user is online is a killer for me. I believe Yahoo has said they will be adding these features. Can anyone confirm? If yes, is there a time frame?

    I’m really not looking to switch but I guess we will be forced to if Yahoo does not extend the drop dead date for the old version. Does anyone have a suggestion which product to move to?

  21. Try Pidgin. It will even import your YM friends. I started using it yesterday and it’seems better than this new crap.

  22. This is the worst “improvement” Yahoo has ever made to Messenger! Most features are gone, emojis are only black and white and look like something from the 1990s at best. I have a list of people to “invite” on the left that I do not know and no way to delete them. I do not know how anyone can call this an improvement!

  23. I’m not impressed with this update at all. I use this at work to talk to our other office location and the old version worked perfect for us but now we no longer get notifications when we get a message. We rely on sound notifications just in case we aren’t sitting at our desk, the old version had really good annoying sounds. At least have the icon light up or flash so we have some sort of notification. Since I need a messenger right away I will be looking for one that gives notifications. If anyone knows of one that works with Windows 10 please post on here.

  24. Really dont understand yahoo, if they want to kill yahoo messenger, simply shut it down, why offer a “new” version who have 1/10 of feature and who will anyway kill the userbase?
    how someone at yahoo can think this version will survive? they will loose all the user base in weeks

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