XnConvert: All in one batch image processing software for Windows

XnConvert is a free batch image processing software for Windows, that helps you convert images into various formats, it comes with interesting features like batch processing and scripting. It is an all-in-one image conversion tool that is very easy to use and operate. It also allows basic editing like cropping, resize, rotate and etc. It even lets you add filters and effects like border, etc.

Batch image processing software

XnConvert is a step-by-step tool which has an easy interface. Under the first tab, you can add images that you want to process. You can add multiple files or simply choose a complete folder that you want to add. XnConvert allows filtration of added files, you can select, and search and remove filter files. There is another option for removing all the added files.


In the second tab you can add various actions they should be performed and applied to the images in the processing list. You can add an action by simply clicking on ‘Add Action’ button. There are four types of actions that can be added, they are Image, Map, Filter and Misc.

Image actions include actions like Crop, Resize, Color Depth, Rotate, Watermark, Mirror, DPI, Add Text, ICC conversion, Metatdata cleaning, IPTC/XMP and many more. Under Map, you can see actions like Auto Adjustment, Color Balance, Equalize, Exposure, Logarithmic lut, Normalize, Negative, Posterize, Sepia, Shadow Highlight, Saturation, Solarize and etc.

With this software you can even add Filters to the images. Some of the filters are Blur, Sharpen, Noise Reduction, Median Cross, Gaussian Blur, Enhance Focus/Edges/Details, Emboss, Soften and etc. Under Misc. Actions you can add effect like Noise, Bloom, Borders, Crystalize, Fantasy, Halftone, Old Camera, and Retro and there are many other effects available too.

Once you are done with adding different action, you can go to the third tab that is the Output Tab. Here you can choose the output settings. You can choose the output directory, output format, filenames and other related information about output of the files.

From the Settings tab, you can even add the conversion option in context menu. I found this feature very useful and it is worth using.

Overall, XnConvert is a nice tool that comes with nice features – it is all in one image processing & batch file renaming utility, batch image converter, batch image editor and a tool for advanced conversions and basic image editing needs. It supports more than over 500 formats and lets you combine over 80 actions for one single batch.

XnConvert free download

Click here to download XnConvert. Please be wary of 3rd-party offers if any, during installation and opt out.

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