Xleaner: More than just a Cleaner – A junk cleaner on steroids!

I recently came across this nifty little utility called Xleaner. Xleaner is not like any other PC cleaner. It’s little more advanced. Most of us are familiar with CCleaner, the popular Windows cleaner and CCEnhancer, the CCleaner add-on that lets you do more with CCleaner. Xleaner is as good as it, if not better. It offers many more options – although I would say in the beginning that one must know what one is deleting using this tool. That is why I say, its an advanced tool for advanced users. In this post I’ll walk you through a few features of Xleaner.

Here is a screenshot of the main interface of Xleaner:


Here you can see the tasks that the freeware is capable of performing. What make this program special is the ability to customize it. If you right-click on it, you have the ability to add custom folders, files, registry entries and File Mask. Moreover, it creates a log of every action it takes.

When you click on any one of these options, it will take you to the Settings panel, where you can do the needful.

You can then click on Purge to start the process. Once it runs through the whole process, it will generate a log with date and time stamp – which you can save for future reference.

Now there are quite a few things that we can do through its Settings. There are many options there, which we can enable or disable.  Check the screenshots.

Like for Windows OS, there are cleaning options for popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

For Microsoft Office, there are cleaning options too – where we can chose to clean all junk files related to Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage, etc.

Now under the “Module” tab, there is an option to clean the Windows Registry after using Purge (Purge = Clean or Delete here). Xleaner uses Microsoft RegClean.exe for performing this operation. But Microsoft has discontinued this tool after Windows 98, so I am wondering why they still have that option available. Maybe they are not aware of it or they just forgot to update the tool!

The freeware also includes a Memory and Volume options are well. Here you can ‘clean’ the memory or check your Volume.

Finally the Settings tab, offers you some more options for the application.

One of my favorite options is the Purge method where we can move it to Recycle Bin instead of simply deleting them.

The functionality of this freeware can be further enhanced by downloading and adding plugins and add-ons to it.  There is an application list which it supports. You can download the plugin to clean these apps as well, by right-clicking on it and selection the option.

You can also search for Extensions and download them to enhance the usability of Xleaner.

I almost forgot to mention Xleaner has both portable and an installer version. Overall it’s a great little program, but there is a lot of room for improvement. If you like this application go ahead and test it. But make sure you create a system restore point quickly first, before you use it.

If you do not like the jarring orange color, you can always change its theme to Light Grey. The website also makes a mention of an Enhanced version of Xleaner which and download and use for free, by simply registering it.

Xleaner download

Download page: Xleaner.

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  1. Paulo

    thanks, very good

  2. Couldn’t get the portable version to work. Immediately got a component not being properly registered.

  3. Johnysmail2407

    “27.04.2011” kinda old don’t you think?…

  4. Not sure mate … It worked OK for me.

  5. Not sure because the site I checked the latest version was dated February 16, 2012.

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