Scan, Explore, Troubleshoot WiFi connections with Xirrus WiFi Inspector

WiFi remains one of most popular ways to connect to Internet these days. If you are working in an environment that has large number of WiFi connections, then it becomes more difficult to maintain large connections. Task such as switching connections, low signal strength issues, lost connectivity and troubleshooting can be hard to overcome.

Xirrus WiFi Inspector

There is a freeware called as Xirrus WiFi Inspector that can address all your WiFi related queries on single window. Xirrus WiFi Inspector is free and runs on both Windows 7 too. WiFi Inspector starts with listing all the active WiFi connections in the proximity. The radar displays WiFi connections along with the signal strength in decibels. The connections with the highest signals are pointed at the center of the radar.

At the bottom of the window, is a graph called as “signal history”. It displays the graph relative to the signal strength.  For each network that it finds, Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector tells you whether it’s encrypted or not and if so, what encryption it uses; the signal strength; manufacturer of the router; what channel and the frequency it uses.

WiFi Inspector has the inbuilt feature of speed and quality testing that allows you to test the available speed being provided. The interesting part of the application includes the polling feature that allows you to refresh, stop and start connection.

To help troubleshoot, the software also displays your IP address, information about your adapter and IP configuration. In addition, it pings your configured DNS server and gateway to make sure they’re active and alive. There are extradorniary features packed with this free application and they are:

WiFi Inspector Features

  • Searching for Wi-Fi networks
  • Managing and troubleshooting Wi-Fi connections
  • Verifying Wi-Fi coverage
  • Locating Wi-Fi devices
  • Detecting rogue APs.

To learn more about Xirrus WiFi Inspector, check this video.

 To download Xirrus WiFi Inspector for free, visit the Developers Website here.

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