10 Best Xbox One Media Remotes

The remote of an Xbox One console matters as much as any other controller. However, one well-acknowledged fact is that the console’s standard Xbox One Media Remote is both insufficient and difficult when trying to control associated devices. Thus, people have started looking for better options in the market. Here’s a list of the 10 best Media Remotes for Xbox One.

Best Xbox One Media Remotes

Interestingly, an alternate remote would be both cheaper and multi-purpose since you would be able to control multiple devices with the same. This means, you could use one remote to control the TV, DVD player, and Xbox One console, thus making your job easier.

1] Inteset 4-in-1 Universal remote

10 Best Xbox One Media Remotes

A media remote would be as good as the number of devices it could handle at once. Such is the case with the Inteset 4-in-1 Universal remote. The remote is programmed to store a huge database of devices which could read its sensors. Even more, the remote is programmable if any device is missing from its list.

This remote comes with a volume and channel locks and could be purchased from Amazon here.

2] Insignia remoteInsignia remote

The Insignia remote is better suited for those who want their controls simple. This beautiful device is programmed to handle an Xbox One only. However, it is both more durable and lighter than the original Xbox One remote. Insignia is known to make durable hardware, and the remote is no exception to the same to it.

The Insignia remote could be purchased from Amazon.

3] J&TOP Media Remote Control

J&TOP Media Remote Control

While other remotes could be programmable, it isn’t as easy for a layperson to do the same. They prefer an easy to use the device, and if you are one of them, the J&TOP Media Remote Control would be perfect for you. This remote uses Infrared sensors, and any can control devices which can read those signals. However, it has a limitation Xbox consoles. The remote works only with Xbox One and later versions of Xbox.

This simple device is Available at Amazon here.

4] Kabalo IR Infrared Media remote

Kabalo IR Infrared Media remote

Kabalo IR Infrared Media remote is a cute and simple device which can control both your TV and Xbox. Again, this device doesn’t support Xbox models preceding the Xbox One either.

This remote has very few controls (no numbers, no letters). Basically one can only change channels and select settings. However, this simplicity adds to both its durability and ease of use. Users call it a powerful device and have rated it high on Amazon. It could be ordered from the website here.

5] MX3 Pro Air Mouse remote

MX3 Pro Air Mouse remote

Perhaps one of my favorite, the MX3 Pro Air Mouse remote has an almost every feature a multi-purpose Xbox remote should have. This powerful device has an air mouse, keyboard, motion sensors, IR sensors, and a range of 10 meters. So you could use it to control any associated device from anywhere in the room.

MX3 Pro Air Mouse remote is compatible with most devices, and for those which are not included, its controls could be programmed accordingly. Buy it from Amazon here.

6] PDP Talon Media remote

PDP Talon Media remote

Despite being expensive compared to its rivals, the PDP Talon Media remote is the most popular option available in the market. While it seems to be a usual non-programmable remote which can control multiple devices, the customer reviews, and high rating confirm this is a device of quality.

The PDP Talon Media remote can control media devices like TV, Blu-ray players, and other streaming devices. The remote has alpha-numeric keys which offer a wide range of controls. This high-rated remote is available at Amazon if you wish to purchase it.

7] Nyko Media remote

Nyko Media remote

The Nyko Media remote is another simple remote with few controls, yet an expensive option. However, just like PDP Talon, it has a lot of positive reviews and it the preferred choice of buyers. Perhaps the reason is the durability of the remote. Its design is such that the remote doesn’t break upon falling. Furthermore, the simple design makes the remote less prone to wear and tear, for the are very few parts which could go bad. Buy it from Amazon here.

8] AMAGLE Media remote

AMAGLE Media remote

If you are looking for a simple, yet cheap media remote which could just do your job (with no extra features), you might consider AMAGLE Media remote. The device can control Xbox One, Blu-Ray players, TV, etc. With a 30-feet range, the remote is powerful enough to control any linked device in a room.

The AMAGLE Media remote is available on Amazon here.

9] Replaced Xbox One Media remote

Replaced Xbox One Media remote

While this is not the best of remotes in the market, it is the cheapest option available, and won’t disappoint you. This simple remote has few but sufficient options. Replaced Xbox One Media remote can be purchased from Amazon here.

10] Anderic Xbox One Media remoteAnderic Xbox One Media remote

A newcomer in the market, Anderic Xbox One Media remote is yet to gain a reputation. However, the features combined with the warranty make it a promising option. Anderic Xbox One Media remote can be used to control Xbox, Blu-ray, and streaming devices. Buy the remote from Amazon here.

We hope we haven’t missed any worthy option in this list. If you believe anything is missing, please suggest the same in the comment section below.

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