Download Windows System Control Center (WSCC) for IT Professionals


  1. This software requires full admin rights and is supplied free by a Romanian company. I’m not sure I would run it on my system without sandboxing it first and checking exactly how it executes.

  2. WSCC has been around a long time now and has been reviewed and recommended by tons of reputable publications. If there were any security issues with it their website would be flagged by every security company and because it’s so widely used and reviewed, any security problems would be widely published.

  3. @JH – 1. you have the option of running as admin, it is not required. 2 What’s wrong with Romanians? Last I checked, hackers & malware programmers come from all over the globe. Trust me when I tell you there are idiots and jerks in every country.

    @TheBigOldDog – that’s pretty presumptuous and optimistic. I plan to try the utility out to see how it performs and to see if any security issues come up. Right off the bat, several (8) of the Nirsoft Utilities got flagged as threats: WirelessNetView, WebBrowserPass, PstPassword, PasswordFox, mspass, ChomePass, astlog, and anup. But I believe they were flagged due to the nature of these executables.

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