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How to wrap Text around Pictures & Images in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a very useful tool for creating documents. Apart from entering text, the tool allows you to include images into your document to make it more illustrative. Displaying of this sort of arrangement makes a reader feel as if the picture added is well-aligned with the individual characters of text. However, what users find quite puzzling is the method of wrapping text around pictures in Word. Here’s a post that shows you the method of wrapping text around pictures in Microsoft Word.

Wrap text around picture in Word

Open Word document and choose the Format tab. Under its Menu, you can find ‘Wrap Text’ button, which further expands to a menu of alternative options offering text wrap choices. Here, you can specify how the picture should interact with the adjacent text.

Next, you have to position the image. The options available under this heading helps position a picture in a fixed place relative to the page and automatically wraps text around it.

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To do so, click a picture to select it. Then, click the ‘Picture Tools Format’ tab, and in the Arrange group, click Position.

Simply select the position and wrapping style you’d like to use.

Next, select the desired layout for the image. In the above step, under ‘Arrange’ menu, select ‘More Layout’ options.

Then, from the layout box on the Text Wrapping tab, choose the wrapping style you’d like to use.

If you do not see your text wrapped around your image, it indicates that the image is too big in size. The possible solution you could give a try – resize the picture so that it is of appropriate size to be wrapped around text. You can do this by clicking the picture and then adjusting the size by dragging the lower right corner towards the top left.

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