WPS Office: Free alternative to Microsoft Office


  1. It is also available (and free) for Android as well. I have been using it on my phone/tablet for a couple of years now (originally as Kingsoft). As you say it is a good alternative to MS Office and has no problems opening and editing existing Word documents. This has been the office program I recommend when setting up a new tablet [and now PC’s] for other folks.

  2. Hello Anand! It would be great to hear your thoughts on Teamlab Office (https://personal.teamlab.com). It is a free cloud office suite compatible with Microsoft Office formats as well. Moreover, it provides co-editing and commenting capabilities.

  3. Hey Jay,
    WPS Office for Windows Lumia 730 have some issues with the compatible Of the device, try to install the new updates that, the issue is cleared and update is released.

  4. I found this useful until I understood that it is not quite “free” – when you print the document there is a watermark, and other features are disabled – you can’t even do an outright purchase – you need to pay a monthly/yearly fee – forever…
    I don’t say that it’s unfair – it’s that the term “free” is misleading

  5. It is free if you’re using any version under 2015… The “Free” version of 2015 will start printing out Watermarks after the month trial is up! Find 2014 somewhere and enjoy that one, it has plenty of decent features. Best part, No watermark!

  6. it’s only free if you do not need to print. otherwise you need to buy the pro or business version for it not to include the watermark on printed document. if I could I would proposed a law to discourage such practices. you you advertise a FREE product, you do not cripple feature that is most needed for practically all users. I understand not having sertain capability involved in business, like micro support for example, or provide less templates for free. if you need some special template you need to buy one.
    but printing and ,pdf conversion to some extent , is a must have features and you can not claim your product is FREE when you stop it from being used as intended on a very basic level.


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