Windows Phone Tutorial 12 : Verification & Testing of final application

As a part of this Windows Phone tutorial series, this post will deal with verification and etsting of apps. Throughout the design process in Expression Blend, you previewed the user interface of your application using Silverlight and hosted in a browser. In this task, you run the application in the Windows Phone Emulator to see the result of your changes to the user interface.

1. In Visual Studio, press F5 to build and deploy the application to the Windows Phone Emulator. Wait for the application to launch and display its main page.

2. Enter some text into the text box.

3. Press the Tab key once and observe the border shown around the button when it receives focus.

4. Click the button to set the text of the banner and notice how it shifts its position to indicate that it is pressed.

5. Watch the animation of the banner text play when you click the button.

6. When you have completed your testing, click the Close icon in the upper right corner of the emulator window to shut it down and end the debugging session.

And with this we end up with Windows Phone 7 tutorial series. Hope you liked it and found it useful!

We will be coming up with much better content soon!

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