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10 WordPress tricks bloggers may not be aware of

Starting a blog has become a popular activity, and you need to definitely choose the CMS wisely. WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System that can manage any website or blog. WordPress is completely free and rather easy to use. Most new users learn its features quickly – but there are those hidden or lesser known features, which often get missed. A list of 10 best WordPress tips and tricks for beginners that bloggers may not be aware of. Use these cool tricks to get the best out of blogging.

Hidden WordPress tricks and tips

Use these useful features to get more out of WordPress.

1] Screen Options

WordPress functionalities are well organized and presented on the page.Screen Options lets you manage the clutter. On almost all the pages, you can find a button on your top right corner called Screen Options. “Screen Options” helps users show or hide different functions on the current page. For instance, if you are on the All Posts page and you would like to hide Author name or Categories or Tags or just want to change the number of posts visible on that page, just click on Screen Options button and select the options you want.

So on every page, clicking on Screen Options, will let you customize your page layout.

Generally, WordPress doesn’t show the option to include Tags or different CSS classes in the menu. However, you can enable more than that by using Screen Options on the corresponding page.

2] Paste URL to add links in Visual Editor

If you want to create a link in the Visual Editor, you can do two things. You can select the text and click on the Insert/Edit link button or press Shift+Alt+A together. However, there is another quick way to add links to your content in the Visual Editor.

You can simply select the text and press Ctrl+V to paste the copied link. Having said that, you must have WordPress 4.5 or later version to get this features as older version had no such feature. For your information, the same thing doesn’t happen in the Text view too.

3] Edit images in WordPress dashboard

There are many WordPress themes, which require a specific thumbnail size. Otherwise, it gets cut. The same thing can happen with the other images used on the article. Therefore, if you do not have a good tool to crop images or a photo editing software to edit images, WordPress can do that right from the dashboard.

WordPress has a dedicated image editing panel, where you can get various options like crop, rotate, resize, etc. To open the image editing panel on WordPress dashboard, just go to Media > Library. Now, select an image. After opening it, you will get the option called Edit Image in the bottom left corner. Following that, you will get all the options mentioned above.

4] Hidden Options page

Apart from all the usual options such as Settings, Tools, Users, WordPress has another dedicated but hidden options & settings panel where you can do numerous things. These options are same as wp_options (wp_ is the default WordPress database table prefix) that can be found in phpMyAdmin in Hosting cPanel. However, if you want to make a simple change, you can open the following URL,

However, if you want to make a simple change, you can open the following URL,

You should know what you are doing on this page. Otherwise, you will end up breaking your site. To understand all the options visible on this page, you can head over to this guide.

5] Keyboard Shortcuts in Visual Editor

The WordPress Visual Editor can be controlled by keyboard shortcuts, and the number of predefined shorts is pretty high. Therefore, here are all the keyboard shortcuts that can be applied on Visual Editor to do things faster.

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6] Automatically set new post title as permalink

WordPress detects the Post Title and sets a URL according to that. Suppose you change the Post Title, may still see the post slug matching the old post title. At such times, if you do not want to edit the URL manually, you can simply hit the Edit button that visible next to the Permalink, remove the URL and hit the OK button. The new post slug matching the new post title will get generated.

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7] Markdown keyboard shortcuts

Apart from doing basic things using keyboard shortcuts, you can also create ordered/unordered lists, convert text into blockquote and do more others things using shortcuts.

Check out the following list:

8] Paste text without formatting, in plain text

Sometimes, we need to copy text from another web page. Suppose, you want to highlight a text mentioned on some other website. If you copy that text from another web page and paste it to the Visual Editor, the styling of that text may not be same as yours. Therefore, it is a good practice to paste text without formatting or in plain text.

WordPress’ Visual Editor has a button that looks like T. Just click on that button before pasting the text and don’t forget to hit that again to disable Plain text mode.

9] En Dash and Em Dash in Visual Editor

If you have an interest into Typography, you may know that there are mainly three types of dashes i.e. Hyphen, En Dash and Em Dash. The hyphen connects two things that are closely related and work together as a single concept phrase. eg. toll-free. The en dash connects things that are related to each other by distance or a range. eg. 5-10. The em dash can be used in several ways, like say an additional thought that needs to be added in a sentence.

It looks like this:

If you want to get Em dash in WordPress, you have options. First, you can just press the Hyphen thrice. Or, you can simply switch to Text view and write &mdash; at the particular place.

10] Paste links to show video/tweets

Sometimes, you may have to embed a YouTube video or Tweet in the post. Earlier, you had to copy the embed code and paste that in the Text View. However, now the scenario has changed.You can simply paste the link to certain content such as YouTube video or Tweet, at the specific place to display the content. This technique works smoothly with Vine, Twitter, and YouTube. Most of the times, WordPress fetches the content right after pasting the link –  else you may need to reload the page by hitting Save Draft button.

There are many other things what can be done on WordPress but these WordPress, tricks are hidden inside the dashboard.

If you are a blogger, these Blogging tips & tricks are sure to interest you.