Wondershare Video Editor Review & 10 license Giveaway

Video Editing is now no more a difficult task. With Wondershare Video Editor, you can quickly and easily edit your videos without any professional’s help because of the professionals with you at your home! Wondershare Video Editor is a powerful, easiest to use, feature-filled Video Editing software. It can help you edit and make all those videos which you captured during your business or casual trips better. In this review, we will discuss all the major features of this software.


Wondershare Video Editor Review

First of all, while creating a video file, you need to choose the aspect ratio of the video, i.e. 16:9 or 4:3. Once the project is created, you can add media files to it! You can add the videos from files else you can even capture a live recording using a webcam. Once you’ve gathered all your library, you need to drag and drop them into the timeline in the desired order. I am working with only one video which I captured on during the trip.


One Sample Video and many color slides are pre-built into the software. Under the editing options, there are all the basic and fundamental feature required to edit the video. Here, you can adjust brightness, contras, hue, saturation and you can even rotate or flip the clip.


Right from there, you can even crop your complete video very easily. Cropping again can be done in two aspect ratios or manual size can also be chosen. If we talk about the audio editing of the clip, you can detach the clip audio and use it elsewhere, or you can simply delete it and record a voiceover within the software itself.


One thing that interested me was the ‘Flash and Hold’ thing. There was an option that said ‘Flash and Hold’, and when I hit it, an awesome effect was added at the front of my video this effect actually flashes into the clip and comes out of it. It looks awesome with most of the clips.

Next came the Power Options. Power Options is a set of amazing features that let you do something different with your clip. Tilt Shift allowed you to focus on a desired part of the video and rest area was given a little blur which really looked nice. You can even add Face-Offs which mean that all the faces in the video would be covered with a clip art or would be made a blur. Mosaic and Jump cut at beats can also be added.


There are many text slides, into/credit slides, transitions and audio clips available which can be easily added to your clip by simply dragging and dropping them to the timeline.


Well, that’s all! I finished my editing with all this. Now I wanted to save it. You can save the created video by choosing your device or the formats. All the major devices and the formats are supported, and the saved video accuracy is 100 percent.

Wondershare Video Editor Giveaway

Wondershare Video Editor costs 39.9$, but the company has been kind enough to give us 10 licenses to be distributed to TWC readers. To win a license, simply share this post on any social networking site of your choice, and share its status URL here. The more you share, the more your chances. If you do not use any social site, you may tell us in the comments why you need this software. The giveaway will close after 15 days, and the winners declared after that.

You may use the following format to share:

Giveaway of @Wondershare Video Editor @TheWindowsClub http://bit.ly/ZtlPWO

Wondershare Video Editor Download

Now, this is something exclusive for our readers, if you can’t wait for the giveaway to end or if you don’t win the giveaway, there is a special discount just for you. You can follow this link for a 50% discount on Wondershare Video Editor.

Click here to download Wondershare Video Editor.

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  1. Ian Crick

    Think I also posted it on my twitter, but i’m just starting to use it LOL

  2. KaushikM12

    Thanks for this cool Giveaway ! Wondershare Video Editor is really an awesome Video Editing tool that helps to quickly and easily edit your videos without any professional’s
    help. It is a powerful, easyt to use, feature-filled Video Editing
    software. So I like this tool and want to use it with a fully licensed version. So, Please count me in the draw and make me a Winner.

  3. wondershare is amazing, nice share

  4. Arthur Clarke

    Lavish, Thank you for holding the giveaway. Please enter my name in the drawing.

  5. SK

    Hello. I would love to participate in this giveaway. Wondershare is a company that releases great software and wondershare video editor is no exception to this rule. You do not need to be an expert to implement all of the technical features that this software offers. Therefore, it is greatly easy to use.


    Thank you so much

  6. Birendra

    Great Giveaways

  7. Jibiscoe

    I want one please.

  8. Ernie

    Having tried (the unregistered version) Wondershare in the past I found it an easy to use product and it was purely financial reasons that stopped me from purchasing it. When it comes to using one of the many options once again it is easy to follow the program. There are quite few effects to add to you videos, some of which are not found in other software.

    One really good feature is capturing from the desktop which would emable you to make short instructional videos to pass onto other folks to show them how to do small (big) jobs on their computer.

    All in all it is worth 5 stars for both content and usage.

  9. Ghosst

    Create a program that I can use for video. A reliable company.
    Thanks For Giveaway.

  10. Sraul

    Thank you for this great giveaway. I like Wondershare products and this is on app I need for video editing 🙂

  11. Anil

    Thanks for this giveaway!!!

    I really need this software for editing videos for my school project. It is a really good software and very easy to use. It will add an extra edge to my projects. I really hope that I get this license because I can really use it well.

  12. Lavish Thakkar

    Congrats to the following winners:

    Jeffrey A Jones
    Arthur Clarke

    Please send me a mail, within 15 days, at lavishthakkar at hotmail dot com’, mentioning your name and subject line as ‘Wondershare Video Editor license’, and you would be sent a licence soon.

  13. prought

    Hi, I wrote a mail a few days ago but did not receive any response

  14. Ernie

    Just to say thanks. The program will be gratefully used.
    Mail sent to you this morning.

  15. Doom

    Thank You! about when we’d get answers (licenses)? at least since our emails sent to you ..

  16. Ghosst

    I have just sent you take all the necessary information. Thanks in advance.

  17. Lavish

    The email IDs of all the 10 winners have been forwarded to the
    company, who will send you the license directly. Please let us
    know here when you receive a license. Do remember to check your Inbox and Junk
    folder too. In case you do not receive the licenses in say 10 days, you may
    inform us here.

  18. KaushikM12

    Many Thnks 😀 . Plz check ur email 🙂

  19. Ernie

    Just to let you know that the license key was received this morning. The program will be used with gratitude. Thanks


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    plz send me licensed email or code plz and this email shikwa870@gmail.com

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