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With your PC becoming a storage house of all your sensitive information, there is an absolute need of protecting that information from others. Browse through the documents on your PC, and you can find many files and folders that you don’t want other users on your system to be able to see or access. Can you protect other’s access to your confidential documents even when your PC is likely to be accessed by other users? Yes, you can, with Wise Folder Hider Pro. This program costs money, but is being offered to TheWindowsClub readers free!

Wise Folder Hider Pro can secure your sensitive information from being seen or accessed. Without much ado, it helps you to hide any files, folders or even USB drives and keep them safe with a password. With its great protection, other users will not be able to open, read, modify, delete, move, copy the encrypted files and folders, or even not be able to see them.

Here is a look at the best ten features of this program that can help you secure your information.

Hide & secure files with Wise Folder Hider Pro

Wise Folder Hider Pro

Enhanced Encryption algorithm

Unlike other protection software, Wise Folder Hider Pro implements advanced encryption algorithm offering enhanced security protection for your Windows PC. It guards your private files against being read even when found by a disk tool.

Encrypting a file is simple. With Wise Folder Hider feature, you can create encrypted lockers to save files/folders securely. Make use of option “New“, to set the size of the locker to accommodate the files you add to it.

Password protect your files

Using Wise Folder Hider Pro, you can hide any files, folders or USB drives and keep them safe by locking them with a password. The operation to do that is pretty simple, and you just need to drag and drop the files and folders you want to protect or make use of simple buttons to add them to the program.

Set different passwords for different folders

On the best feature of Wise Folder Hider Pro is that it allows you to create individual passwords for folders. Different locker can be set a different password so that there is no way to access them. When you want to open the locker, make use of the “Mount” feature.

After creating a new locker, you can add, create and edit any of your hidden files/folders.

Use removable storage to keep lockers elsewhere

It is not that you have to keep folders on your PC only, Wise Folder Hider Pro allows you to use a removable storage device to keep your lockers somewhere else other than your hard disk drive.

Even protected files on USB’s are not accessible to others

Many a time, you need to share a USB drive with others, and some of your personal files may be exposed to others. With Wise Folder Hider Pro, you can hide, and password protects your personal file and folders on the USB stick with one click. Even if the USB drive is lost, the important files will not be exposed.

Multilayer protection

This is perhaps an unmatched feature that the software offers.

When you first use Wise Folder Hider Pro, you need to set up a login password. Inside the program, you can set a second level password for each file, folder, USB drive and encrypted drive. Anyone else can’t uninstall the program without login password or delete the protected and encrypted drive without the second level password.

Get it FREE!

Wise Folder Hider Pro costs $29.95, but for the next 3 days, 12-month license for 1 PC is being given as free for TheWindowsClub readers. Click here to grab your free copy. UPDATE: The giveaway is now over.

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  1. ReadandShare

    Will this protect my hidden files from ransomware? If so, it would be nice if I no longer have to manually connect my external drive when making backup’s and manually disconnecting afterwards, each and every time.

  2. jmmmmm

    If you only have free version, Here’s a tip for those who have forgotten the master password.
    It allows you to reset it.
    It’s a little complicated but if it can help: (Google : “jy2m WFH”)

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