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Wise Care 365 – A Free PC Cleaning & Speedup Tool

Often, we load our system with useless stuff. This over-stuffing makes the system bloated slowing down its performance. Regularly cleaning of obsolete files, deleting invalid links manually requires both, user’s time and efforts. Nevertheless, there are many free Optimizers & Cleaner software that can help you complete these tasks in few clicks and restore the health of your system without affecting its stability. Wise Care 365 Free is one such user-friendly program that may help you.

Wise Care 365 Review

Wise Care 365 is a simple yet, fast program that starts with picking a background theme and language and then walks its users through a quick overview of the PC performance improving features. The program is a perfect combination of Disk Cleaner and Registry Cleaner, together.

The main screen of the program is divided into 3 panes (1 horizontal & 2 verticals). The uppermost horizontal panes displays 5 main tabs. They are,

PC Checkup

The check helps you detect potential problems, hidden in your system and fix them in a click.

In my case, the application found 1 item that need manual fixing. Besides, there were around 40 items that needed to be cleaned. I simply used the ‘Clean’ button and the application responded to my request quickly; it started cleaning the junk files from my computer, instantly.

It also helped me fix the security related items in seconds.

System Cleaner

Next, the application reminded me that I hadn’t cleaned the registry yet hence, recommended an instant scan. I hit the ‘Start Scan’ button highlighted in green. Soon, the scan was initiated and all the issues that were found was brought to my notice in minutes. The System Cleaner feature includes a Registry Cleaner, System Cleaner, and other tools. During my testing I found, the scans were not only quick but thorough and with good results.

Other feature known as Advanced Cleaner lets you find more useless files and free up some disk space, if needed. Some files may not be deleted or removed immediately but, on subsequent boot up.

System Tuneup

Wise Care 365 Home Free has the ability to tune up and improve your network too. To speed up the system and network, hit the ‘Optimize’ button and relax. Please note that some optimized items won’t come into effect unless you reboot your PC.

Privacy Protector

The tab displays all the privacy risks found on your system in an ordered manner. You can view the details but not clean the risks as the feature is available in pro version only. Upon hitting the ‘Start Clean’ button, you are prompted to upgrade to the Pro version.

Wise Utilities

The fifth tab lets you take a look at different utilities from Wise and if interested, try them. Some of them are,

  1. Wise Autoshutdown
  2. Wise Data Recovery
  3. Wise Folder Hider
  4. Wise Game Booster
  5. Wise Jetsearch
  6. Wise Memory Optimizer
  7. Wise Program Uninstaller

Wise care 365 Home Free is a program that, in few clicks, will help you bring your Windows PC back to its good health and peak performance. It has been designed to keep your computer functioning at its best for prolonged periods.

Wise Care 365 download

You can download Wise Care 365 Free from its home page.