WinMetro: Get Windows 8 like Metro UI on Windows 7

Windows 7 is indeed an awesome operating system. However, the Metro user interface that is included in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, is also cool. You will get several new features on Windows 8. For example, a brand new start screen, Charms Bar etc. are really brilliant and useful too.

Although, Microsoft will let you upgrade Windows 7 machine to Windows 10 after the final release, yet, if you do not want to upgrade to that, here is a solution, which will help you to get Windows 8 like Metro UI on Windows 7. Although, it is not possible to bring the entire Metro UI on Windows 7, you can get Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 like Win+I menu, Search menu and Metro Start Screen.

WinMetro is a free yet very useful software for Windows 7 to bring Windows 8 like start screen and all the aforementioned elements within moments. Here is how you can get and what WinMetro can do.

Get Metro UI on Windows 7 using WinMetro

At first, download IObit WinMetro to your PC and install the software. It brings along Advanced System Care as a bundled software. You will get a notification to install Advanced System Care after completing this current installation. Just make sure, you have removed the tick and skipped its installation.

Just after completing the installation, you will see your new start screen. At the same time, a Windows 8.1 like Start Menu button will be pinned to your Taskbar.


You can use this button to get the new start screen. Otherwise, click on bottom left section of your screen to get the same. The Start Screen would look like this:

Start Screen on Windows 7

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The first group of apps consists of OneDrive, Calendar, Weather, Photos and others. You should also know that these apps are not actual modern apps of Microsoft. They are some alternatives.

The second group of apps contains system apps including Calculator, Sticky Notes, Notepad, XPS Viewer etc. Then you can see your profile picture. This option will let you access the power options and user account settings.

The very next option is Power. This option will help you Turn Off, Restart and put machine into Sleep. After clicking on the Power button, you will get buttons looking like these:

Winmetro power settings

If you want to want to get the Win+I menu on Windows 7, WinMetro can also bring that. Just press the Win+I together after installing WinMetro.

You will also get Windows 8 like Search option. The new search option is activated by pressing Win+S together.

WinMetro Settings

WinMetro comes with minimum settings so that you can get the actual experience of metro features. It offers the following settings:

  • Run automatically at Windows startup
  • Open WinMetro desktop automatically
  • Run the program in background when it is closed
  • Do not disturb while working in full-screen
  • Display time in 24-hour format

For those, who do not want to upgrade their machine to a newer version from Windows 7, WinMetro seems to be the perfect solution to get a glimpse of Metro UI.

If you like it, you can download WinMetro from here.

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