WinLockr adds extra Security to your locked Windows computer

Windows users always have option of using the Windows lock screen feature to quickly lock their computer when they are away doing something else and do not wish to switch off their computer. We have already see how we can use the built-in SysKey Utility in Windows, to lock the computer using a USB stick.  However, as an alternative or to add an additional layer of security, if you are looking for more, you can check out WinLockr.

WinLockr – Lock and unlock PC using a USB key

WinLockr is a portable application that helps you to lock and unlock and your computer using a USB key instead of a password. Also, it disables both, mouse and keyboard for extra protection unless released and enabled by a key combination.

If someone somehow discovers your password and tries to unlock the computer with it, he will fail in his attempts since there is need to know the key combination as well to activate the keyboard. This helps to provide an additional safety for your locked system and adds an extra layer of security, which bars an unauthorized person from accessing your system in your absence.

To use the application simply launch it and enter a password. Once done, plug-in a USB device and choose ‘Install on USB’. This will configure the device to act as a locking mechanism for your PC. Apart from all this, the application prevents shutdown, restart, or log off actions, when enabled.

Salient Features:

  1. Locks your computer thereby preventing access to unauthorized users
  2. USB-Unlock- Unlocks your Windows system by inserting the USB flash drive
  3. Mouse/Keyboard blocking- Blocks the mouse and keyboard, except the keys that you need to enter your password.
  4. Shutdown Prevention- Blocks ‘shutdown’, ‘restart’, ‘log off’ and other actions
  5. FullScreenLock- Hides the Windows interface so that other users are unable to view your activities.

Besides this, WinLockr keeps its users updated with details on locking time, failed unlock and shutdown attempts. It runs nicely on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

WinLockr free download

You can download WinLockr from here. Check out some more free software to lock Windows using USB.

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  1. crazy.downloader

    Yeah, it’s really handy tool and useful too. But it would be much better if it supports both windows 8 and 8.1.

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