Winja VirusTotal Uploader lets you scan files and processes with VirusTotal service

Winja VirusTotal Uploader for Windows PC is the successor to Phrozen VirusTotal Uploader. Named as the short form of Windows Ninja, Winja is an advanced system investigator and a multi-engine malware scanner. While VirusTotal offers some invaluable security services, Winja offers many new tools and features. Released by Phrozen Software, it is a simple program and is designed in a way that even the beginners can use it effortlessly. The built-in uploader of Winja lets you send the selected files from your local system to the Winja scanner.

A simple opening menu allows scanning of individual files, downloads or running processes with VirusTotal. Winja is a feature-packed VirusTotal uploader which scans processes and services on your PC, for example, Windows Services, Task Scheduler, Windows Registry and more.

Winja VirusTotal Uploader

Winja VirusTotal Uploader will let you easily upload & scan files from your Windows computer with multiple antivirus, using Google’s VirusTotal service.

You first need to install Winja on your system to use it. It is a simple program and brings no crapware along. The interface is simple and the main overview has it all. You can see all major functions right on the home screen of Winja.

Scan the files on your PC- Click on Browse for File and select the file you want to scan. It is then uploaded and scanned automatically. The program then displays the scan results in real time. The program lets you browse the file from your internal drives/network drives and even from the removable drives on your PC.

Scan before downloading a file– If you want to download any file from the web, use Download and Scan. Click on the tab and enter the download URL and click on Download and Scan. The program then will download and save the file with a fake but harmless extension on your PC and submit it for scanning later. Temporary files will be deleted afterwards. You can download and scan from an HTTP URL without worrying about any kind of risk for your PC. Winja VirusTotal Uploader

Scan the running processes- Click on the Quick Process Scan tab and select any process you want to scan. The select process is then moved to the running scan task tab, scanned and the report is displayed. You can then remove the task from the list. A toast notification is displayed when the scan report is ready, however, you can disable this option via Settings. You can then remove the task from the list.


Winja Extra ToolsWinja VirusTotal Uploader

While the program is designed with a simple layout for the novice users, there is also a panel of Extra Tools for the expert users which lets users dig deeper into their system and check for the potential malware hidden in the PC.

The extra tools include-

  • Process viewer– where you can see all the process running on your PC including the programs running in the background. It displays the process along with the necessary details like process ID, image path, description and more. Just right click on any process you want to scan with Winja. You can also check the properties of any program or even kill it right from this tool.
  • Task scheduler– This tool lets you select and scan the programs registered in your Windows Task Scheduler system. You can enable, disable or delete any suspicious program if you want.
  • Windows Startup– A quick access to your Windows Startup. As we know the malware uses your Windows Startup locations to trigger any malware, this tool lets you check the list of all your Startup entries.
  • Registered Devices– Here you can check the entire list of devices/drivers connected to your PC along with their service type, service description, company name, command line, file path, file description and more.
  • Networking– This tool shows the networking processes running on your PC along with their details like local port, local address, remote port, remote address, company name, user/domain, description etc. The tool lets you check the running processes and their connected IP addresses. Because malware usually uses your PC networking to leak your information to the remote hackers, this tool of Winja lets you monitor the networking processes on your PC.

Winja is available for download here.

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