Windows Vista Theme For Windows 7


  1. Awesome! I’m from Ukraine, and i hate new 7’s style! But, maybe not Vista theme is better… I mean… maybe Windows Vista is better, then “7”? 0_o

  2. This is perfect. I think Windows 7 should have looked just like this – minus the Apple inspired taskbar icons.

    I can’t wait for Microsoft’s next OS which will hopefully be better than Windows 7. Windows 7 is the retarded cousin of Vista. It is XP reimaged. They went back to having a DOS base. Sad, but true. I do like the fact that Vista is a stronger and better OS than Windows 7, but I guess some people do not want to realize this truth. You just need a kick-ass computer to run it. If you have a great computer, Vista will not disapoint and will allow your computer to reach its full potential.

    I’m a Vista user, proud and true. I have Windows 7 virtual-boxed on my Vista-machine and it is quite happy there. I tried it the other way around and Windows 7 could not contain Vista’s awesomeness. This means Vista is truely the best OS.

  3. Yeah! I really fell in love with the Vista Looks, Theme and O’course the security. Even though Windows Se7en runs faster, I don’t like the flat looks. The “Show-Desktop” is also in an awkward position. More over the switch between windows was GREAT in Vista. Thank you for sharing.

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