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Block and unblock USB port with Windows USB Blocker

Security, now a days, is a major topic of concern. Whether you are working on your home Windows PC or in an office, as a user you always want to work on a virus free system and prevent any unauthorized access. External intrusions can happen when you are working online without an effective antivirus program or from the USB port, when an external drive is connected, with the intention of transferring data. There are many cases of malware unknowingly infecting your computer via a USB. Hence it’s important that you not only guard your PC online but also offline where a major threat can be the unauthorized use of the USB ports.

We have seen how to restrict access to USB drives using the Windows Registry or Device Manager. Today we will talk about Windows USB Blocker,  a simple USB security software that allows you to block and unblock your USB port to access. The USB port is one of the prime areas where the virus can enter in the system. So blocking and unblocking of storage devices on any windows system now can be done very easily and effectively with a Windows USB Blocker.

Windows USB Blocker

Once you have downloaded and installed this freeware,  it will show you the Windows USB Blocker screen on which the Current USB Port Status in being given that is either UNBLOCKED or BLOCKED.

Whatever the current status is, you can change it very easily by clicking on the button that is given just below the status.

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There is also a help section that is provided to help you in case if you get stuck anywhere during the installation process or thr operation of the tool.

Features of Windows USB Blocker

Windows USB Blocker is a very handy tool that could prevent malware from infecting your PC as well for preventing unauthorized people from copying your sensitive data  Windows USB Blocker is a freeware, and you can search for this tool on The size of the software is just 1 MB.

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