Windows SteadyState alternatives for Windows 7/8/10


  1. returnil-system-safe is good but its inbuilt antivirus has high false detection.

    Time Freeze Free not good as RVS the program also freezes sometime

  2. This program did not install properly. The display showed words over lapping, and the screen was so small I could not setup options or settings. Not exactly something I want to wrestle with constantly.

    I applaud the concept and was looking forward to using it.

  3. Try Drive Vaccine PC Restore or even RollBack Rx. Both of these work on 32 and 64 bit OS and compatible with Windows 7

  4. Hey Anand, I have faced some problem with Time Freeze, so installed Faronics Deep Freeze on my pc. It works fine for me. Amazing software. I can easily schedule the windows updates now also it is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 too.

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