Windows Server 8: Download, Overview, Features, Product Guide

Windows Server 8 as a Developer’s Preview was introduced at the BUILD conference last year and now Microsoft has launched its Beta version with loads of features for the IT professionals and software developers. Microsoft has been pioneering Servers for a long time, with a series of releases over time, enhanced features and with more capabilities Windows Server provides the secure and a fast platform for the developers.

With Windows Server 8, Microsoft launches the Server which dramatically improves the economics of IT through automated infrastructure for highly available networking, storage, computing running on industry standard hardware.

The key highlights of Windows Server 8 is providing infrastructure that goes beyond virtualization and delivering power of many Servers with the simplicity of one.

There have been drastic improvements in the server management of Windows Server 8, a new power shell has also been added featuring 2300 commands.

Windows Server 8 Features

Let us now see some of the many features of Windows Server 8:

Beyond Virtualization :

With Windows Server 8, organizations can deploy private clouds in a flexible IT environment that adapts dynamically to changing business needs. Irrespective of the size of business you are running, Windows Server 8 offers virtualization technology that lay the foundation for creating a complete platform for a private cloud.

If you are a hosting provider then these are the things that you can get out of Windows 8 Server Increased scalability and performance environment that can be tuned according to your needs. Moreover using the feature of Storage space, you can transform your storage into inexpensive commodity disk drives that are feature rich and highly scalable.

Hyper –V Networking :

Hyper –V Networking provides easy on boarding on a private cloud and flexibility to place your virtual machines in a data center. With Network Virtualization migration and virtualization of workloads can be done without a worry of underlying network topology. Thus Hyper-V makes cloud an extension to your data infrastructure.

Server application Platform:

Server application platform enables you to develop and host the most demanding of application workloads. For example, with .NET Framework 4.5 you can take advantage of new asynch language and library support to build server and web applications that scale far beyond what other platforms provide.

Windows Server 8 is a proven application and web platform, with thousands of applications already built and deployed. Windows Server 8 comes with many features folded together. Download Windows Server 8 Beta to explore the next world of storage management.

Windows Server 8 Download

Download the Windows 8 Server Beta version here, and the Product Guide here.

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