Windows Server 2012 Editions Announced; Home Server Discontinued

Microsoft’s codenamed Windows Server 8 will be shipped as Windows Server 2012 in four versions ranging from small business needs to high end cloud data center. Organizations that rely on Windows Servers will now have better options to choose from as the four editions have unique blend of benefits in their own space.  The Home Server edition has been discontinued.

These are the four editions announced:

  • Foundation
  • Essential
  • Standard
  • Datacenter

These editions can be really simple to chose and economical to the business you are running.  Let us have a close look at each edition and try to know more about their benefits and pricings:

Foundation edition: Best suited for small organizations, possibly a business with 10-15 users running a processor server. However this edition is a general purpose and provides no virtualization.

Essential edition: The variation to the above is a Essential edition which is more likely the foundation edition with no virtualization rights. Designed to a 25 user limit, it has pre-configured connectivity to cloud based services.

Standard edition: For non-virtualized or lightly virtualized environments, this edition doesn’t restrict user count. Moreover it provides two virtual instances.

Datacenter:  Full Windows Server functionality with unlimited virtual instances. This is the high end model for large businesses which probably defines no limits.

Some of the robust technologies for optimum flexibility on Windows Server 2012 includes:

  • Server Virtualization
  • Networking
  • Identity and Security
  • Storage and Availability
  • Remote Access
  • Web and Application platform

With Windows Server 2012 Microsoft brings cloud experience that offers dynamic availability of resources which are cost effective.

Client Access License (CAL)

Windows Server Standard and Datacenter editions will continue to require Windows Server CALs for every user or device accessing a server. More information about any purchases from Microsoft can easily be found on Microsoft Finance. You can view Windows Sever 2012 RC here.

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