Windows Security Vs Mac Security: Is Mac a more secure OS than Windows?


  1. @asfand sheikh : Did you not just read the article above? LOL

    You go ahead and keep believing that while you surf the web on your over priced and under protected machine …LMAO!

  2. Sempre pensei assim que o melhor anti-vírus é o próprio USUÁRIO!!! Não adianta de nada se ele tiver o melhor a guardião do seu pc se ele não verificar aonde está navegando, onde está clicando, permitindo assim o malware de se instalar!!!

  3. Mac is only safe as its not as much popular and wide spread as windows…. after some years, Mac viruses would be as common as windows revealing how much secure it actually is .

  4. Any OS is only as safe as its user base. For but one example, my experience over the years has led me to believe that the Windows user base embraces a much wider range of intellectual abilities… on both ends of the spectrum. Windows has both more full-on idiots using it and more absolute geniuses using it than the Mac OS X world and a LOT of the type of users that are the primary Mac users: average to one standard deviation above the norm users who haven’t a clue what their computers are doing and who merrily plug along in their cluelessness and carelessness. That the Windows base has been the largest target of malware is as obvious as a kick in the head, but the simple fact that the vast majority of Mac OS X users, made up of the same intellectual class as the vast majority of Windows users (slightly above average intellectually and clueless and careless in their computing habits) and _falsely_ believing in both their own superiority and in Apples (past?) lies about their security are ripe for picking.

    I expect Mac OS X users _in general_ to remain in denial for quite some time to come.

    The real ‘nix world (Linux and real, not Mac OS X straitjacketed, Unix) is usually mostly a standard deviation or above in terms of users who are much, much more likely to actually have a good idea what their computers are doing and be aware of any risk factors in their usage patterns.

  5. Your OS’s security means nothing if you are already paying for top-of-the-line security software like McAfee or Norton.

  6. That Mac’s are more secure because of their proprietary construction is really a misnomer. It in fact makes Apple computers more vulnerable because they remove software and hardware customization from the equation—-thus forcing users to run a system with limited options. Mac’s are still just as prone to Zero-day attacks and APT’s as a PC is, the difference between the two as far as security is concerned, is you have infinitely more control over system internals with a pc than you do with a mac—-thus permitting a greater potential for system hardening and security software layering.

    Just because you get everything from one company doesn’t automatically make it a safer option!

    For all those whom are still asleep in Apple Mac’s La La Dream world—it’s time to wake up to reality——-any computer connected to the net is vulnerable!——There are no exceptions to this rule, just like there is no perfect pc nor mac—and why is that?—because no human is perfect. But when one truthfully discerns all variables for each platform, only then does it become obvious which has greater potential to be more secure and powerful. Apple Mac’s only wish they could do that.

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