Windows Phone Tango Update: Features, Release Date, etc

The next update for the Windows Phone operating system is being referred to as ‘Tango’. Like the last year’s ‘Mango’, Tango isn’t a major update for the platform – that is expected to come in the form of ‘Apollo’ which is scheduled later for this year. Tango is a minor update – something like the NoDo update.

Windows Phone Tango Features

Windows Phone Tango will come with series of new features which will add some cheese to the operating system.

The Mango update added 35 new languages for the phone support whereas the Tango update is expected to support 120 languages.
Some websites are already showing the NFC chip, in Lumia 900, but Windows Phone 7 is not yet ready to support it. Tango is expected to add NFC support for the devices, if it doesn’t happen this time ‘Apollo’ will bring the same.

It is also rumored that it might come with Skype app featuring video calling and Google+ integration into messaging. Some leaked screenshots reveled recently hinted at features like voice recording, data roaming options, transfer contacts to/from SIM card, etc.

The budget phone users will have to sacrifice some features as they will not get all the features that other Windows Phone 7.5 users get.

Tango can run on a phone with just 256MB RAM which is too less as all the current Mango phones have atleast 512MB RAM. The degradation in the RAM will decrease the cost but users will have to sacrifice with the features like multi-tasking, high quality apps, third-party live tiles etc.

In addition to this, users won’t get SkyDrive integration on the phone that allows direct uploading of photo on the cloud. Video’s having bitrate more than 4Mbps won’t run and no podcast management on the phone.

These budget phones will not get the same 5MP camera – instead a 3MP camera sensor will be added by the manufacturers.

Though ‘Tango’ will bring the Windows Phone operating system to budget users, it won’t provide all the features. Existing phone users will be blessed by the performance, features and additional pre-installed apps.

Minimum Requirements

It looks like Microsoft is also focusing on cheaper devices to run Windows Phone, the way Google does with Android. Windows Phone Tango is expected to hold a place in the budget market as it will be programmed to run a phone with 256MB of RAM also.

Tango Release date

Windows Phone Tango is expected to surface at the Mobile World Congress 2012. With announcement in late February the update is expected to reach devices till the 2nd Quarter probably April or May.

New Tango Phones and Pricing

Tango will be introduced with a couple of budget phones in the market. Along with the announcement of the operating system at the MWC, Nokia is expected to reveal the next member of Lumia family named as Lumia 610. It isn’t confirmed whether Lumia 610 will run Tango but its price tag hints at it. This will make it the first Windows Phone to run Tango out of the box. More phones will come later on.

Since Tango is budget concerned operating system, the phones which will be running it will lie in the cross segment of $150 to $250.

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  1. Botninja

    I am just looking forward to the tethering option that is supposed to be coming with the update! Fingers crossed that comes through and the UK mobile providers allow it!

  2. Guest

    Thethering is supported since the Mango update. Think it’s the fault of your provider.

  3. Guest

    Not on Nokia 800 … Manufacturer screwup
    Have been promised the fix since February…

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