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Windows Phone Recovery Tool: Reset and Recover Windows Phone

Bricked your Windows Phone or just facing some software problems? The Windows Phone Recovery Tool can help you out. This tool can help you factory reset and recover your Windows Phone from the most critical faults. The tool comes handy when your phone is stuck, not responding, bricked or when you start feeling some flaws in the software. Using this tool, you can perform resets and firmware installations very easily.

UPDATE: Microsoft has renamed Windows Phone Recovery Tool to Windows Device Recovery Tool.

Windows Phone Recovery Tool or Windows Device Recovery Tool

Once you’ve installed Windows Phone Recovery Tool on your computer, you are ready to recover your phone.

Restore bricked Windows Phone

But before making a reset or recovery, you must ensure that the phone is fully charged and I must inform you that all data in the phone will  be erased. Moreover, while the reset process is running, you can’t use your phone.

Next connect your phone and unlock it. The tool will automatically detect your phone and display it to you for confirmation. Confirm the connection by clicking your phone’s name. The tool will then compare your phone’s firmware with the latest available firmware. If your phone is not updated, the tool will prompt you to update, by installing the latest firmware. Even if the firmware is updated you can re-install it if you think there are some issues with the software.

If your phone is not automatically detected then click on the button ‘My phone was not detected’ and follow the on-screen instruction to make a connection between your Windows Phone and Windows PC. Once you done that, you simply need to hit the ‘Install’ button.

The installation process here involves two things. First the firmware is downloaded and then the firmware is deployed. The first depends upon your internet connection. The firmware is sized around 1.5-2.0 GBs, so make sure that you have that much amount of data left in your monthly plan. The latter process, i.e. deployment takes 10-15 minutes. Once the firmware is installed and the phone re-started, you will feel like you’ve just unboxed the phone.

Windows Phone Recovery Tool is undeniably a great tool and an amazing home remedy to bricked phones. Now no need to go to service centre for getting the new firmware installed because now you can do it at your home.

If you are a developer and you’ve installed developer updates and want to roll back the updates, then you can reinstall your firmware using this tool and get a fresh installation, without those updates.