Windows Phone Recovery Tool: Reset and Recover Windows Phone


  1. I tried this on my Lumia 620 but while installing (with red screen and progression shown on my phone) I got an error message (USB problem I guess) and since the phone is no more responding… What should I do?

  2. same problem red screen with progrssion bar … after 2-3 tries the phone is like dead niether charing nor booting up . But when when connect my phone with usb pc responds to that phone . is my phone motherboard is dead ?

  3. till now i checked every forum on the internet and its full of problems but not with a single solution . Some where i read you need to contact nokia customer . As if now this is the only solution .. P.S sorry for my English 😛

  4. 3 downloads of 1.37gb package. in the end it doesn’t work and tries downloading again. no good =(

  5. i downloaded windows phone recovery!! the progess goes upto 10% and then fails… same was the case when i tried with lumia recovery!!! any solution for that?

  6. I had no red screen. Proces started but it failed.
    I tried Lumia Software Recovery Tool. It worked.

  7. I tried to download the newest OS update to my Lumia 620. I tried the recovery tool because when trying to update straight form the phone I got this (8018830f) error. So when my PC was installing the update to my phone what had a red screen with white NOKIA text on it the installation suddenly stopped midway trough. I tried again but failed a few times again but then last time I tried my phone just went dead. I cant restart/start my phone at all and I can’t connect it to my PC anymore to try the installation again. When I press power+volume down my PC makes a noise like something was connected but as soon as I let go of the buttons it makes a noise as something is disconnected. What should I do? Again, I can’t use the phone at all…

  8. i tried the recovery tool but i cant find anything that says REINSTALL. All i can see is an Install software

  9. Just yesterday I got the same problem…..someone please help…or we are dumping these hell phones….

  10. Is there a windows recovery tool for mac?

    I’m one of those people who own a iMac and use a Windows Phone. But for some unknown reason, I decided to update my Lumia 930 to Win10 Preview – since then I’ve had nothing but problems. Old Apps just not loading – Slow, and now I want to roll back to Win8.1

    Help Help Help!

  11. i am trying to bring my lumia 930 back from 10 to 8.1
    whenever i try to download using the windows phone recovery tool, it keeps saying operation timed out, not able to connect to server.
    What am i to do???

  12. thats because the phone probably does not have the latest OS on there and so it will download and install the latest one

  13. Doesn’t work for me – it recognises my phone, spends 45 minutes downloading a file and then tells me it’s corrupt and can’t be installed. Tried it several times with not luck.

  14. i used recovery tool in my lumia 1320. my phone connect but there are “reading phone information please wait” show. I have wait 15 mint but nothing was happened…..what should i do…please help me

  15. What’s that? I want to reset my phone. But the software here is OLDER than the software on my phone! Schould I download?

  16. Thx. I reset my Lumia without the old microsoft recovery tool. And now it works. 🙂

  17. i tried this on my Qmobile W1 Windows Phone But When i Connect My phone to PC it Dosent Appear on Windows Phone Recovery tool it say Plzz Connect a device but i already connect My Device to PC Plzz Help me i want to Reinstall Software on My Qmobile W1 Windows Phone

  18. Hi Guys,
    Same happened with me (Lumia 1320). It’s not turning on now, I tried all options like Power Button, Volume down and combinations of both, nothing worked 🙁 Seriously, I have lost my phone because of this stupid windows 10 update and faulty recovery application. Please Help 🙁

  19. I have an HTC Windows 8X phone. I have windows 8.1 that installed an update but the update sent the phone into eternal airplane mode. Tried ALL avenues of resets. I mean ALL! Tried Windows Tool… (newest update as well) and everything goes as planned but says “software not found on the server” and closes. HTC is no help, AT&T is no help and Microsoft is no help. I sit here with a worthless phone through no fault of my own and not one of the 3 will assist. Sucks! Still have 5 months on AT&T contract. I’m sure if I sent for repair, it would cost more than POS phone is worth. Anyone out here have any ideas?

  20. Dear all,
    It’s my first write in widows Club. Hope I will get support from you. I am using Nokia 625 ( window 10 with insider preview) and today I have tried to rollback or downgrade from windows 10, after uploaded 1.50 GB when it verified than it notified me Invalid Crc32 for file: RM941_3058.50000.1424.0002_RETAIL_apac_sea_328_02_444074_prd_signed.ffu.
    Would advise me how will fix I it?

  21. Am facing the same problem I installed windows 10 on my nokia lumia 720 yet its just giving me a sad face and the machines I tried to reinstall windows 8.1 using the windows device recovery but it is requesting for the proxy settings what do i do plz help me out…

  22. I want to try windows recovery tool because my phone just suddenly turned on the airplane mode and it wont off ( some stuff in WP won’t work if airplane mode is on so it’s some times useless) but the recovery tool kept on failing after a while. Is there other way to fix this airplane mode issue? Pls share your knowledge about this. Tnx.

  23. i also have the same problem with my HTC 8X these WDRT are devices my phone can’t have an OS now HTC and MS are not doing anything for me any help?

  24. i tried rolling back my os from win10 to win8.1 on my lumia 920… this is really giving .. always downloads half of the data and says “check proxy settings”” WTF yo please work on the problems guys..

  25. I too have the same problem.After Reseting i recieved a blue screen saying internal error with bad smiley.When i give it to the Service center they said mother board failed.

  26. Hi Umesh,
    I also have a Lumia 1320, do you recommend anything to restore the phone without losing everything, ( including call logs, text messages, contacts, settings, etc. ) as my phone is running out of spaceand system files are taking up more tan half of it so I can’t delete anthing more

  27. I have a Lumia 1320, do you recommend anything to restore the phone without losing everything, ( including call logs, text messages, contacts, settings, etc. ) as my phone is running out of space and system files are taking up more tan half of it so I can’t delete anything more

  28. what the f*** my lumina 535 was dam hanging when it updated to windows 10 bloddy windows developers

  29. I have nokia lumia 520. And on that screen showing “error: unable to find bootable options. Press any key to shutdown.” How to start my cell.

  30. Hi I try to roll back my firmware, and already downloaded package, but during flashing mode, recovery tools said that may phone is not detected and failed to install firmware. I do it repeatedly but still same problem. Please help. Phone issue is that, some application are not opening after firmware update, so need to roll back.

  31. Mera Lumia 435 windows 8 intall hote huwe beech me lite chali gaye ab dobara window install nahi ho rahi hai Please Somebody help me

  32. Hola
    Por favor, quiero tu opinión sobre algo que me molesta. Se trata de la integración de Openpay y he estado bloqueado durante varias semanas.
    Estaré tan agradecido por su respuesta y ayuda.

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