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Get some swag at the new Windows Phone Gear Store

Windows Phone users who love the brand now have a wonderful opportunity to get some swag. Microsoft has just launched a new Windows Phone Gear Store, where you will be able to buy T-Shirts, Mugs, magnets, Stickers, Water Bottles, Thermos, Tote Bags, Drinking Glass and more.

Right now the list of items may look limited, but it is a work in progress and new items are expected to be added very soon.

All the items currently feature the I Heart Windows Phone logo.

All products are offered at the base cost, we’re not making any money off of this, says Microsoft.

So if you like your Windows Phone, you can show it off with some real official Windows Phone gear.

Head over to the Windows Phone Gear Store at CafePress to check it out.

This sure looks like a great way to create a Windows Phone culture.