Windows Phone gets Bazaar, a MarketPlace alternative – its own Cydia

I suppose it was just a matter of time! iPhone has a ‘parallel store’ called Cydia – and now Windows Phone gets one too. Bazaar, a MarketPlace alternative has just been launched.

Marketplace for Windows Phone 7 and the App Store for iOS provide many high quality free or paid application downloads for the respective devices. But not all apps make it to them. Those which don’t, may now end up at Bazaar. Just like iOS, has a popular parallel market called “Cydia”, Windows Phone will now have Bazaar.

Bazaar for Windows Phone is a free application that will allow you to browse applications by categories, share, download and install them directly from your device without the need to connect your device to your PC. It will host and share only free Homebrew applications and is not intended to encourage piracy in any way. Cracked apps will not be available here – only the genuinely free ones.

To begin using Baazar, you will need to jailbreak your Windows Phone 7 mobile device for installing and using this store.

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A lot of features are still missing, which will eventually come up as the time passes. Some upcoming features will include:

  1. Creating an account within Bazaar
  2. Managing favorites applications list and the ability to download and install them as a batch process
  3. Submit new applications via Bazaar web site
  4. Add ratings and comments for applications
  5. Online search in Bazaar applications repository

Install Bazaar on Windows Phone 7

To be able to install the Bazaar.xap file, you will need a Developer Unlocked Windows Phone 7 device, Windows Phone Developers Tools, Custom ROM and Microsoft Zune software installed.

Jailbreak Windows Phone: In order to install Bazaar on your device, the device should be jailbreaked using ChevronWP7 tool. This isn’t free but legal.

Custom ROM: Along with the Jailbreak you will need a custom ROM like DFT, NextGen or Deepshining for XAP-installation by Internet Explorer 9.

Many people may jailbreak their Windows Phone devices, but I wonder how many will install custom ROM, just to be able to use Baazar. This is the only issue, which may prevent Bazaar from becoming as successful and popular as Cydia.

But this is just the beginning, and we never know where Bazaar (, Maybe as time passes, Bazaar will be eventually developed to run on devices which are running factory ROM. Who knows!?

Guest Post By: Varad Choudhari

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