Best Windows Phone Apps to calculate your Income Tax

At some point during the year, you will be busy filing your Income Tax Returns. Investment declarations, travel refunding, medical bills and many more receipts will be gathered to get some amount free from paying income tax. Most of us will be breaking our heads in calculations to get the final amount to be paid for income tax. If you are a Windows Phone user, you can use apps to calculate your income tax easily by just entering the required details.

Windows Phone Apps to calculate Income Tax

In this tax season, these Windows Phone Apps can help you make this process easy. Let us look at those apps to calculate your income taxes.

UK Salary Calculator

UK Salary Calculator is specifically for residents of UK. Simple and effective calculator of this app will help you to calculate the tax deductions easily. It allows you to set the timelines as you prefer like yearly, quarterly, weekly, four-weekly, hourly and even daily to calculate your take home salary and income tax for the previous year.

UK Salary Calculator

You can define “days per week” or “hours per week” in the settings option. In order to proceed with the calculations, you need to enter your age, student loans, education loans, pension contributions, invest declarations and other required information.

Tax Caster

Tax Caster was developed by TurboTax and is specifically for the residents of U.S.A. In “your income” option you need to enter your contributions towards pension, business income and all other sources of income. “Tax breaks” options allows you to enter all your education and student loans, medical expenses, mortgage interest and other sort of expenses. It also allows you to enter your age, marital status, your dependants and other information.



IncomeTax is the powerful and comprehensive tax calculator for residents of India. It’s interface is very easy to use and you need to enter your gender and details of your gross salary. It allows you to enter the detailed figures by tapping on the “see details”. You can enter complete figures under the categories like “income from house property” or “income from other sources”. It allows you to manually enter the details of medical bills, house loans, student and education loans, rent allowance and other details based on Indian tax structure.


Once you are done with filling all the required details, it shows you the detailed amount that you need to pay as tax. This app also allows you to save or e-mail the calculations.


Mint is said to be one of the best apps to manage money. It places all your personal finance accounts at one place and makes it easy for you to view them all at one place. It makes it easy to handle all your purchases by making the list of how much you have spent in the last month or calculating your next purchases. It shows your personal financial accounts (U.S. and Canada) right on the start screen.


Mint allows you to password protect the app, create a budget and track your purchases to meet your saving goals.

Toshl Finance

Toshl Finance would be your best personal finance manager. With the help of this app, you can know at what time in the monthly period, you had spent a lot. You can even compare your spending with the previous month. It uses info graphics to visualize your finances, allows you to set up a budget and many more can be done with this app. You can even export the data and can set pass code access to the app.

Toshl Finance

All these apps are free of cost. So if you are not done with filing the tax returns, make use of these apps and see if they make life easier.

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