Windows Phone 8 Features Infographic

Windows Phone 8 is already within the hands of many and is outselling other mobile operating systems in several counties. With its unique interface, simple and easy to use build, it is gaining popularity. Highlighting some of  the important Windows Phone 8 features, we have designed an Infographic.

Windows Phone 8 Features

Windows Phone 8 features infographic

Kid’s Corner – It is a unique way to keep your kid away from your phone’s content and restrict him only to apps and content assigned to him.

NFC – Transferring content between phones has never been so easy. Just tap your NFC capable phones against each other to share data, contacts, websites, photos etc.

Enhanced Lock Screen – The lock screen is enhanced to show live wallpapers, appointments, calls, texts, emails and even updates from your favorite apps.

Skype app – It readily supports Skype app, offering internet calls and video chats right from your phone.

microSD Storage – Eliminating one of the major drawback of Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8 allows storage expansion using microSD card.

Windows Phone Store – The Windows Phone Marketplace is renamed to ‘Windows Phone Store’. Like its name, the Store has also became smarter with large apps quantity, live apps and even more smarter apps.

Bluetooth Sharing – The non-DRM files such as documents, pictures, contacts, music etc. can be shared over Bluetooth.

Easy Transfer – With Windows Phone 8, transferring data between PC, tablet or Mac has became quick and easy.

Screenshots – Windows Phone 8 has natively added the ability to take the phone screenshots which are saved in the camera roll.

OTA Updates – The device’s software version can be easily updated to the latest one over-the-air using WiFi, without any need of connecting the device to PC.

Improved Office – Office Hub has been improved by simpler, clearer navigation and redesigned with full-screen reading mode for Word, chart support for Excel and new thumbnails and notes view for PowerPoint.

Find My Phone – Find My Phone is a free service that allows you to pin point a missing phone on the map, remotely ring it, lock it and also erase all its contents.

Ringtone Maker –  It allows you to make custom ringtones from the music on your phone.

XBOX Music – The Zune Store has is replaced with XBOX Music Store. The new store offers music and videos and also provides cloud streaming for a low monthly fee.

Internet Explorer 10 – Internet Explorer 10 is enriched with new features like tabs, favorites and built-in webpage sharing. It is tweaked to increase the overall surfing experience with fast webpage loading and less data hungry browsing.

Wallet – Wallet is a digital and hassle free way to store everything that you normally keep in a wallet. It includes credit or debit cards, loyalty cards, membership cards and vouchers. It can also set up payment cards for purchasing apps and games, browse for local deals and more.

Cloud Backup – Keep your entire phone data safe on the cloud with integrated cloud backup. Everything including the apps, history, theme color, accounts also internet favorites is backed up so that you’ll never loose anything.

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