Windows Phone 8 Comparison: Samsung ATIV S vs Nokia Lumia 920 vs HTC 8X

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  1. WebDevelopment

    Unable to decide which hand-set to opt….the three sets have their own brilliant specs

  2. user1

    the ativ s memory card slot and removable battery and doesn’t look like a easter egg but i have seen no spec for cdma. second choice 920 saw camera demo was awesome, 32 gb been stuck with 16 gb in my trophy got maybe 4 gb left. like the idea of a amp always have volume on max. being on verizon don’t know if i will have a even have a choice.

  3. ankit

    Please provide price for these windows phone 8 devices

  4. nonflabbyarm

    why does everyone complain about the weight of the 920??? o.0

    for me that was one of the BIG plus’s for this phone… I want to be able to feel in in my pocket with out reaching for it to make sure it is still there. If your one of the tools that claims it gets to heavy to hold, they you should stop just sitting in front of a computer or whatever and go pickup a 1lb dumbbell and start doing some curls. btw you have to look in the little kid section of the sissy store to find them.

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