Windows Phone 7.8 – List of expected new features

Microsoft took its mobile operating system to whole new level with announcement of Windows Phone 8. Endowed with new features, Windows Phone 8 makes its place among the best smartphone operating systems.

Along with such a hefty update, Microsoft also announced that Windows Phone 8 will be not compatible with existing Windows Phone 7.5 devices. This led the existing users down, but to keep the predecessor up to the mark, Microsoft has announced Windows Phone 7.8 update – which is expected to be released in a couple of days.

This update will be bringing few (very few) features of Windows Phone 8 to the old devices. Even though Microsoft has announced the update, the features with which Windows Phone 7.8 will be packed is still unknown.

Microsoft has already reported that Windows Phone 7.8 will bring new live tiles layout which resembles Windows Phone 8 layout. Alongside there will be many new additions – but not as much as you expect. Instead of Microsoft adding new features, OEM’s will play a major role.

Many features will be OEM independent, so not all the devices will get the same features. Nokia, HTC and Samsung all of these will bring additional features specific to their devices. Right now, Nokia is leading in the development followed by HTC.

Here are some of the new features which are expected in Windows Phone 7.8:

New Boot Logo – The existing boot logo will get replaced by one that is similar to Windows Phone 8 logo.

New Start Screen – The existing start screen revamp with 3-sized live tiles that is similar to Windows Phone 8 start screen.

20 New Themes – There will be an addition of 10 more themes (colors) and an extra one customized by the OEM.

Live wallpaper – The stock wallpaper on the lock screen can replace with Bing wallpaper which will change every day.

Editable Ringtone – Reports say that Microsoft will add this feature that allows users to edit the MP3 to make customized ringtone.

Security  – Internet Explorer with enhanced security along with new security patches.

Re-designed apps – The core apps including the Zune, XBOX Live, Office will be re-designed and updated with new logos.

Bluetooth Sharing (Rumored) – Like iOS, Windows Phone 7 doesn’t offer third-party Bluetooth transferring functionality. With WP7.8 we expect that Microsoft or OEM will add Bluetooth sharing of non-DRM multimedia files.

Here are some more that will be only featured on Nokia devices:

Nokia Network+ Settings – Nokia will bring forward more existing features like call forwarding, call waiting and SMS options in Windows Phone 7.8.

Nokia Lens (Rumored) – Rumors hint that Lenses feature of Windows Phone 8 will be also enjoyed by current Windows Phone users.

SMS Drafts – Currently all the Windows Phone handset are deprived of this feature. It is reported that Nokia will be adding Draft functionality for the SMS.

WiFi Alive – This feature keep your WiFi active even if your device suspends. It is reported that both, Nokia and HTC will bring this feature to their devices.

With these new features, Microsoft hopes to keep the Windows Phone 7 users, happy.

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